Tribute to Sharon Page

I first had the pleasure of speaking with Sharon over the phone on a hot Sunday afternoon in October 2015. I will never forget our first conversation. Helping Sharon to feel comfortable enough to face all of her fears to trust us just to come in to have a conversation was a huge step and one that took enormous courage for Sharon.

Sharon’s story in relation to her weightloss journey is punctuated by the most incredible achievements. Her will to succeed in a range of physical pursuits and step outside of her previous comfort zone where movement had become difficult;  was nothing short of remarkable.

She was the model patient. She was present and ready to show up for herself to take advantage of every opportunity that was on offer. She was so dedicated to improving the quality of her life that she became very connected to the professional team here at WLSA and over time became a friend whom we all cherished.

Sharon would Facebook message me all of the things she was doing at the gym including a class in Kanga Boots which she loved. She took on challenges with energy and positive attitude of someone who genuinely had a new lease on life.  Sharon had become a regular Gold Coast Marathon participant on our team over three consecutive years. She attended as many of our training sessions as possible and through this became more connected to our #weightlosswarrior community making more friends whose lives she also impacted.

It’s hard to believe that in July of this year Sharon showed such determination to compete for the 10ks at the GC Marathon. Our beautiful psychologist Leslie along with some of her gym buddies were there every step of the way to see her all the way through to the finish line.

Sharon faced her cancer battle with the same guts and determination that we saw throughout her weight loss journey. Her strength of character and positive, resilient attitude made a huge difference in dealing with aggressive surgery and treatment.

She sent me a happy Valentine’s Day message this year to tell me that she had completed chemotherapy; had rung the bell to mark the conclusion of her treatment and then went on to celebrate with champagne and dinner with her loving husband Pete.

Next year we will be running the City2Surf in “Shaz’s” honour to remember her and to celebrate her life. She was preparing to be able to do this herself in 2020 and could not wait to wish me luck this year as well as donate to my fundraising efforts.

Our lives at Weightloss Solutions Australia are so much richer for having been blessed with the opportunity to know Sharon through her weightloss journey; achieve beyond belief over the past few years and becoming a friend we will miss forever.

My life has been impacted by Sharon as I know so many others have been also.
Please join with me in celebrating a beautiful life, lived to the full.

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Kind Regards