Video Patient Success Stories

We are very proud of our patients and their achievements and even more proud to inform you these videos, which may be seen on many other websites, are of patients of WeightLoss Solutions Australia.

You may also be interested in these written patient stories.

Jason's gastric banding testimonial video thumbnail


Hear how Jason tried many different diets to lose weight and after debating for two years whether to have a gastric band hasn’t looked back

Watch Jason’s Gastric Banding Testimonial *

Baiba's gastric banding testimonial video thumbnail


Hear how Baiba, a WLSA patient, stopped her weight gain and lost a significant percentage of her excess weight following gastric banding surgery.

Watch Baiba’s Gastric Banding Testimonial *

Vicki's gastric banding testimonial video thumbnail


Listen to Vicki’s story about why lap band surgery with WLSA is the best thing she could ever have done regarding her weight problems.

Watch Vicki’s Gastric Banding Testimonial *

Stephen's gastric banding testimonial video thumbnail


Hear from WLSA patient Stephen about how he shed his excess weight in 12 months and finally found comfort sitting in an airplane.

Watch Stephen’s Gastric Banding Testimonial *

 *Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.