Meet Sustainable Weight Loss By WLSA

Are you tired of the endless cycle of diets that yield no lasting results? You're not alone – a staggering 95% of diets meet this fate.

In this engaging 1-hour webinar No More Diets! Meet Sustainable Weight Loss, presented by Felicity Cohen, the visionary CEO of WLSA, you will hear her personal journey that inspired the creation of WLSA in year 2000, a pioneering clinic that has transformed over 25,000 lives in Australia. Under Felicity's leadership, WLSA has garnered numerous awards, reinforcing its position as a leader in Australia's bariatric field. WLSA's recent international partnership with King's College London in Dubai through Austrade marked a significant stride towards Felicity's vision of ending obesity not just nationally but also globally.

Discover the modern approach to weight loss

In this transformative session, Felicity discusses the evolving landscape and the pressing need for sustainable solutions. Explore a range of weight loss options, from surgical procedures like Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and LapBand, to non-surgical solutions such as the Allurion Balloon and medical weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Balloon Illustration

Learn about the underrated bariatrics' success rates and real-life patient stories, proving the effectiveness and sustainability of WLSA's multidisciplinary and holistic approach to losing weight.

Calculate your BMI

Join the conversation by calculating your BMI through a QR code that you can scan on the screen. Share it in the webinar chat – our Patient Liaison Officer, Steph, will respond with a personalised recommendation based on your BMI.

This webinar delves into the psychological aspect of weight loss, addressing common fears and misconceptions. Felicity emphasises that obesity is a disease, not a personal failure.

Witness inspiring stories of patient transformations, illustrating the profound impact of seeking professional medical help.

Learn about WLSA's results-oriented multidisciplinary approach to a holistic and lifelong weight loss journey. The WLSA team, an award-winning group with a track record spanning over two decades, recognises the pivotal role of a supportive medical team and community.

Envision your transformational journey as we share our overarching goal:

Hop off the diet rollercoaster and say goodbye to quick fixes!

Are you ready to gain a deep understanding of what works for you and receive the tools needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle? Take the courageous step towards lasting change. Register for this webinar now and take the first step through the webinar-exclusive offer to become a WeightLoss Warrior, embarking on a journey towards a healthier, happier you with WLSA!

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is not just a possibility; with the right support, it becomes your reality.