Weight Loss: Chris Hodges

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Chris Hodges. Here’s his story:

What Procedure did you have?


What was your starting weight/current weight?

134kg starting weight before prep / 98kg current weight

Why did you want to have your procedure?

Loss of motivation, getting older, family genetics

How were you feeling in your “THEN” photos?

Fat, gross. Embarrassed

How are you feeling NOW?

Like I’m a god.

What has been your most memorable Non-Scale Victory?

Feeling great, motivated, and consistent

What was your experience like with the WLSA team?

Very helpful and professional. Very caring.

Is there anything else you’d like to include in your

Story? I would recommend the experience I’ve had with WLSA and the procedure I had done to anyone and would be willing to help out anyone looking for advice with my experience

WeightLoss Warrior,

Chris Hodges

Message from WLSA:

We are super proud of you, Chris! What an epic journey from feeling embarrassed about yourself to feeling like a GOD! And we thank YOU for saying yes to helping out many others who are still sitting on the fence, desperate for a sustainable weight loss answer. We love your story!

Felicity Cohen


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