Weight Loss: Claire Jardine

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Claire Jardine. Here’s her story:

What Procedure did you have?

I had the gastric bypass, on 9th March 2022

What was your starting weight/current weight?

My starting weight was 162kg, I’m now 119kg! 

Why did you want to have your procedure?

I wanted to have the procedure for fertility, I’d just finished 10 rounds of IVF and didn’t want to do another year of IVF and suffer the same disappointments. I chose to shake things up and focus on my health for 1 year to see if that would improve my fertility chances, my fingers crossed!

How were you feeling in your “THEN” photos?

I teach classes in self-confidence and body love so I loved myself at 160kg, I think I had resigned myself that there were things you couldn’t do and things that were too uncomfortable and that didn’t worry me. However, when I started losing weight more opportunities arose for me to try and that was very exciting and revealed just how much I could have missed out on if I hadn’t had the surgery.

How are you feeling NOW?

Now I’m very excited, I have a hard time seeing the difference in photos or feeling in my body but I notice when I work out and hit new personal bests each week that I’m getting fitter and more robust.

What has been your most memorable Non-Scale Victory?

My most memorable Non-Scale Victory, one no longer needs the belt extension on the plane! Getting my wedding rings resized and donating clothing I know I’ll never fit into again. I was competitive when I was younger and enjoyed doing events, I think doing that again, especially finally doing my first-ever triathlon will be my most memorable Non-Scale Victory, just have to wait 2 more weeks so it can top the list haha!

What was your experience like with the WLSA team?

Loved my experience with WLSA, I don’t think I utilised them fully to begin with because I was losing so much weight without thinking but now I’m exercising and focusing more and closer to the 12-month mark it’s amazing to have so much experience and knowledge at my fingertips, I’ve always felt everyone at WLSA wanted me to achieve my goals, sometimes more than I did!

WeightLoss Warrior
Claire Jardine

Message from WLSA:

We are so glad you have chosen us are your weight loss surgery family, Claire. You have had so many non-scale victories and we know they mean so much more than just the numbers on the scale. Your excitement about life is contagious, we can’t wait to hear updates of your next adventures and as you already know, we are always just a phone call away.

Felicity Cohen


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