Weight Loss: Jamie-Lee Robert

Transformation Update: 29th June 2022

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Jamie-Lee Robert. Here’s her story:

December this year will mark 4+ years post-surgery! When I look back at December last year I was really proud of myself and smashing goals. I was at my goal weight when lockdown hit, and like many here in NSW, I struggled but managed to hold my own.

It wasn’t until June of 2021 when I was playing hockey that I experienced a major injury that significantly tore my achilles and was non-weight bearing for 4 weeks with a moon boot. Although I’m back exercising, I’m still struggling. When I find the courage I reach out to my fellow #warriors in our private Facebook group for support, because at the end of the day I KNOW CAN.

The year of 2022 is the year I’m holding myself accountable! Here are a few of my diary updates of all the ups and downs so far;


Making myself accountable!

Back to journaling!

Christmas is over!

Covid is done!

I’m allowed to jump again after a torn Achilles!

2022 is the year I have my second lot of surgery and to get back to my goal weight!


3 days of accountability and today will be the hardest as I only work for 2 hrs 

And have the rest of the day off until 4 when I teach dance!!!!

Wish me luck

Day 5 of Accountability.

Gym session done.

Breakfast ready.

Lunch packed.

And can’t wait until I finish work today because the hubby and I are off to the Red Hot Summer Tour for the weekend!


Haven’t done this for a while…

I wanted to share me before surgery at 150kg and myself now to remind myself why I made the decision to have Bariatric Surgery.

I have been working hard to lose weight on this journey of ups and downs, with a goal of 60kg (87kg bat my best) Then I had to set a new goal of 80kg to have my skin removal surgery then covid hit and with no gym and stuck at home, I had too much alcohol and rich foods while trying to cope with being depressed, resulting in me gaining weight.

Once the dark times cleared and we could have field sports back, I was excited to be playing field hockey and the the dark cloud returned when I tore my achilles AGAIN! I was stuck in a moon for 20 weeks this time.

No exercise. No weight-bearing, it was the worst time ever….. I gain more weight back to the dreaded triple digits, 107kg

So I have had a rethink my direction and have been making myself accountable for the last 3 weeks and back to recording my food intake, and using my bariatric drink bottle, and making the time for me.

And making sure I can get to the gym at least four times a week and I’m please say I’m 5.5kg down and hoping by this time next week back into double digits – fingers crossed!


I’m not letting this sporting injury put me down this time, I’m not letting it get me down!

I may be in a moon boot again, but not sitting on my ass this time.


Jamie-Lee Roberts

Message from WLSA

Through thick and thin, you keep striving toward your goals – a true warrior. Reaching out to your fellow peers and sharing your personal journey shows true bravery!

Felicity Cohen


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This has been the best decision I have made and the journey that I am on. It has been hard at times and I’ve had many ups and downs, but I do strongly advise anybody thinking of having this surgery to just go for it! It will change your life, you too will get yours back!   

I just love the fact that I can now go to a theme park with my son and not worry about getting on the rides with him, that I know the safety rails are going to close! And when we were at Wet’n’Wild the fact that the person running the ride automatically thought my husband was heavier and said “Sir the heaviest person needs to sit down this end” and I just cracked up laughing on the inside. It was the best feeling ever and I didn’t feel embarrassed about being in my swimmers either, I was quite happy to wear them in fact.

I can now shop at normal clothing stores and just buy straight from the rack – it is the best feeling you can get!

When I started this journey I was at my heaviest, weighing in at 149.7kg. I now weigh 93.8kg – that is a whole person I have lost, over 56kg!  It is just amazing to think about it and to put it into perspective.

I will have to have skin removal surgery, but I can live with that knowing that I am going to live longer for my son!

I feel so great and I have my life back, I just love it!

Jamie-Lee Robert

Message From WLSA: 
Congratulations from all of us. To witness the change in you and your increase in confidence has been inspiring and we are all extremely proud of you.

Stephnie Van Diemen,
Medical Receptionist

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person