Weight Loss: Rachael Rae

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Rachael Rae. Here’s her story:

1. Which procedure did you have done with WLSA? 

I had gastric sleeve

2. When did you have your procedure?

14 Dec 2021. I was advised to start pre-op a week earlier (7th) but was so focused I started on the 1st Dec

3. What is your starting weight and current weight?

1st Dec 2021 I was 88KG. But was 92 at my heaviest. 

Goal weight by self and surgeon was 60KG

3rd Jan 2023 today I weigh 59.0KG

4. Why did you want to have your procedure?

I am a  yo-yo dieter. I always have been. Tried every diet going. Weight watchers, slimming world, intermittent fasting, lite, and easy, calorie counting.

Met my husband in 1992 and were a size 16. When we married I was a size 12. Got pregnant and my weight has crept up. 

A friend had a bypass with WLSA and I watched her journey both the good and bad. The struggles, the ecstasy, and the goals met. 

5. How were you feeling in your “Then + Now” photos?

Ashamed. Hideous. Embarrassed. How did I let myself get to that stage? Unloved (my view no one else’s). Vulgar. 

I refused to go to events like my husband’s Christmas parties. Refused to go on rides with my children.

6. How are you feeling NOW?

AMAZING! Fabulous. Happy. Content. Younger. Fitter. Acceptable. More outgoing. Will try new things – more adventurous. Don’t care what others think of me now. 

7. What has been your most memorable Non-Scale Victory?

Wearing a bikini out in public.

8. What was your experience like with the WLSA team?

Great. Always available to chat if I needed support. 

Leslie introduced me to park runs. 

I do this on both days at the weekend even if I don’t attend the actual park run. So 5 km walk x2 plus 3km walk each weekday.

The turnaround from my 1st phone call to the procedure was 7 weeks! Amazing. I wanted the procedure in the 6 weeks of the school holiday break so I didn’t have to take time off work. 

Lady talked me through the financial side Sorry can’t remember her name. Even face timed me so she could see my screen. 

WLSA reduced my anxiety if I needed to phone up and clarify questions. Nothing was too silly  

9. Is there anything else you’d like to include in your WARRIOR Story?

Just wish I would have done it sooner. My kids missed out on their mum not participating as much as she would have liked during their childhood.

I set non-scale victories.

Size 14. 
Wear a tankini and board shorts.
Buy a dress
Go on hubby’s jet ski and spent time with him. Was too embarrassed beforehand

Size 12
Wear a tankini no board shorts. 
Go on more dates with hubby
Improve the physical side of our marriage. 

Size 10
Wear a bikini (this was only in the back garden but one day ventured to the local pool!) 
Be more adventurous in the bedroom. Take the initiative. 

I changed my eating habits but have had to face them every day even a year since surgery. So easy to slip back into old habits Eating a chocolate bar gives me great pleasure for a very short period. Rejecting it and staying on track gives me way more satisfaction. I love waking up and feeling positive that the day before I made good healthy choices. 

I have tried many new food items. They are way nicer than my previous favourites. 

Changed how I treated myself or what I thought I needed after a bad day. 

So instead of the rewards of chocolate, I took a relaxing bath, read a book, sat in the garden without feeling guilty about not doing something, and left work on time.  

I donated my oversized clothes to people at work or charity shops. 

10. Today?

Still go for the size 16 at the back of a rack. 

Still don’t see myself as a size 10

Try and resist eating after 8 pm

Learn to forgive me if I made a poor eating choice but start again the next day. Don’t beat yourself up every time. 

Learning to love my new body. Accept it for how it looks. Wobbly arms and belly – carried 3 babies and wouldn’t change that for the world.

WeightLoss Warrior,

Rachael Rae

Message from WLSA:

We LOVE your total non-negotiable focus and all the wonderful non-scale victories, Rachael! We feel blessed to have a WeightLoss Warrior like yourself, thank you for having us on your journey towards a healthier and happier life. Your new found self-love, energy and confidence are contagious for all. Congratulations!

Felicity Cohen


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