Weight Loss: Ronel Holtzhausen

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Ronel Holtzhausen. Here’s her story:

An ode to WLSA team that is supporting me through this journey. I started a recluse not going out or doing anything. I could not walk in the mall without resting every few steps. To running/walked and completed the gold coast Marathon 5k and yesterday did the bridge to Brisbane in under 8.9 minutes per 1k. Without the support and the team at WeightLoss Solutions Australia, these goals would have been impossible. I can not thank you enough—the next 7k in the South Port Park run. Taking up your advice to always have a next goal.

Weight loss Then Now Ronel Holtzhausen

Which procedure did you have done with WLSA?

Gastric Sleeve

When did you have your procedure?


Why did you want to have your procedure?

I was unable to move. Joints pains. And one day while watching a 600lbs program, my 4-year-old grandson asked why I am on TV…

How were you feeling in your “THEN” photos?

Sad and depressed

How are you feeling NOW?

Happy, full of life and energetic.

What has been your most memorable Non-Scale Victory?

Going on a cruise in July and being able to be on my feet, dancing walking everywhere without the need to rest.

What was your experience like with the WLSA team?

The team is impressive and from the start, they were there to advise, and educate. listen and understand

Is there anything else you’d like to include in your WARRIOR Story?

I used just to exist, now I am living.

WeightLoss Warrior
Ronel Holtzhausen

Message from WLSA:

Oh how we LOVE your grandson’s prompt that led you to change your health and can we say, your longevity too? We are very proud of you, it’s been our pleasure to be able to guide you on your path towards sustainable weight loss. Please keep us updated on your journey!

Felicity Cohen

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