Weight Loss: Samantha Williams

Transformation Update: 15th August 2022

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Samantha Willians. Here’s her story:

Hello, I’m Sami, and I just celebrated my first ‘sleeveaversary’, a hashtag used by patients for each year post-Gatric Sleeve.

I decided to have weight loss surgery because I wanted to live a happier and healthier lifestyle, and to be honest at the time I was miserable and loathed myself… Now I feel amazing, more confident, happier and healthier. I know I still have a way to go, but I never imagined I would ever find myself at a gym or playing a sport and now I do both….. regularly!

Over the past year, I have achieved so many non-scale victories [NSV] like being able to cross my legs, tie up my shoelaces, walk between cars without brushing against them, and especially being able to shop in any store I choose!

The whole team at WLSA have been amazing, I couldn’t have asked for better support.


Samantha Williams

Message from WLSA

We can’t wait to keep up with more of your non-scale victories – Keep up the amazing effort!

Felicity Cohen


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