Weight Loss: Trudy Flemington

Transformation Update: 7th September 2022

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Trudy Flemington. Here’s her story:

Hi, I’m Trudy and June 2022 marked my #sleevaversary Here are just a few highlights of my journey so far. 

At my heaviest, I was 129.6kg, and after prepping for surgery I was around 117kg. Currently, I have no idea what my weight is, and I don’t care! But to give you an idea, I’m around 77kg, so I’m calling it a solid 53kg loss.

This photo of me in the same dress is one that I had first bought back in December 2021 at a size 18. I decided to buy the same dress, this time in a size 12. At the time I didn’t think much of it, but this was a great idea because sometimes I don’t see how much I’ve lost and this was a mind-blowing comparison.

I can even fit into a small size set of Peter Alexander PJs, even stealing my daughters. Now I’m comfortably shopping for a size 12, and sometimes a 10. This newfound confidence has even got me buying some thigh-high boots!

My hair has also started to thicken up, and it may not seem like an NSV, but people have started to notice my necklace, a necklace I’ve worn consistently since 2001 and they never noticed before, it’s things like these that are victories for me.


Trudy Flemington

Message from WLSA

They may be slight changes here and there but they sure do add up. We couldn’t be more proud of how far you have come Trudy, and we look forward to your next round of NSVs, we hope one of those will be running the 10km next year with us at the Gold Coast Marathon.

Felicity Cohen


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