Weight Loss: Corey Mahauariki

Transformation Documentary 25th December 2019 – #YesYouCan Corey Mahauariki Weight Loss Journey Update

Progress from a year ago till now, I’m a completely different person again. A year on now, I’ve got a grip of what I need to do. I’m just pacing myself, it’s no longer a race for me. I know this is a long term journey, and the result is still coming.

As soon as I start losing the weight, and started becoming more active, nothing started hurting just by walking, that’s when I decided to resign from my job and started my own business that involves me being outside and more active.

If you want to leave the mundane life of an unfulfilling job and start up your own dream job, YES YOU CAN.


Corey Mahauariki.

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Transformation Update: 3rd September 2019

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Corey Mahauariki.

Here’s his story:

Last nights match ended in a draw. The experience of walking out to friends/family and supporters yelling your name and cheering you on is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of and I’m so thankful for it. This is another ✔️ off of my “to do list”. Will I continue fighting? Who knows, I set out to achieve what I wanted to achieve and completed it. Will I still carry on training? Absolutely – Muay Thai is an incredible sport just for fitness alone so I do want to carry on with that. One word I’ll finish with that kind of encompasses how I feel about the last 8 weeks doing this challenge…..thankful.

Corey Mahauariki.

Message from WLSA:

Corey, words can’t describe how proud we are to see your transformation, as you keep reaching new heights and living your best life now. Keep it up!

Felicity Cohen, CEO

Transformation Update: 21st May 2019

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Corey Mahauariki.

Here’s his story:

In the past 14 months I have lost 83kg, completed the 5.7km course in the Gold Coast Marathon & in June I’ll be running the 10km course, participated in the Q1 Stair climb challenge, scaled Mt Warning, dropped 5 clothes sizes, started my own business and am now inspiring others to gain back control of their lives.

Am I done yet? Has my journey now stopped? Absolutely not – I’ve only just begun. My journey was my own, no one else’s to dictate however, in the process I have had dozens of people (some complete strangers) message/email/call me wanting to know “how I’m going?” or “what’s next for me?” right down to “what do you do for training and what are you eating?”.

To even slightly grasp the fact that the only awareness this former 207kg behemoth inspired was “what not to be like” I am now inspiring others to make a meaningful positive change in their lives and that still leaves me speechless.

I stare in the mirror at the new me, but is it the new me? Or is it the “me” that’s always been there but hidden behind years of low self-esteem, self-doubt and worthlessness? I now know my worth. I now know my life means something – if not to anyone else, it means a lot to me…..

And that folks are me now living my best life.

Corey Mahauariki – Weightloss Warrior

From WLSA:

Congratulations from all of us at WeightLoss Solutions Australia.

Stephnie Van Diemen, Medical Receptionist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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Transformation Update: 17th Oct 2018

Corey’s Weight Loss Journey Update:

Climbing Mt Warning is something that has been on my mind for the better part of 5 years, ever since I saw one of my friends complete it. I was awestruck by the stunning views at the summit and I was equally amazed at the last 400 meters where you literally had to pull yourself up to the top.

I knew at that very point I wanted to be on the list of people that completed this walk. December 2017 I wrote a list of 4 goals I wanted to achieve by my birthday in December 2018 and completing Mt Warning made the list at #3.

I had no illusions about how tough this was going to be as I had read the reviews on google as well as talked with friends who had done the walk so mentally I was prepared.

Physically I now had to prepare myself. Fast forward to July 2018 and I locked in the date of August 19th to finally tick this off my list. I put an open invitation out to a number of people, many said they were coming yet only 2 walked it with me that day which is fine – this was me writing a new chapter in MY life’s book so I would’ve walked it alone anyway.

Mt Warning is a very spiritual place to the aboriginal people and being Maori from a very spiritual culture myself, I made the time to just take in my surroundings and truly appreciate being among such beauty. The air was crisp, the sun was out, no clouds in the sky and the backdrop of trees, foliage and the odd random bush turkey made this an absolutely perfect day. After reaching the summit I literally walked up to the rail on the observation deck and just stared.

I was mesmerised by this vast perfect canvas that had been painted by a higher power and I was truly emotional. Emotional because.
1 – I was now a part of something much greater than myself and
2 – I had finally achieved a goal that had been at the forefront of my mind for the better part of 5 years. I would love to do this again in the future and possibly by myself. I want to experience this again with absolutely no distractions just so I can truly appreciate the missed moments I may have overlooked. There is a saying “At some point in life the worlds beauty becomes enough”. This becomes a prophecy for me on August 19th.

Until next time – One Love.

Corey Mahauariki – #WeightLossWarrior

Transformation Update: 26th Sept 2018

If you were to have asked me 12 months ago “Corey If you were granted 1 wish, what would it be?” – I would have simply responded with “to wake up tomorrow morning. look in the mirror and honestly say to myself I love who I am”. Unfortunately, for the better part of 2 decades, that was never the case.

It wasn’t always that way though. When I was young I was one of the fastest kids in my primary school, I did Martial Arts for 5 years almost obtaining my black belt by the age of 16. When I hit college I played 1st 15 Rugby as a tighthead prop, I ran a half marathon, I hiked through the Marlborough Sounds for 3 days with only a map and compass to altitudes of almost 2.2km, I did the Taupo Bungee Jump.

The first 23 years of my life I was very active. I was still classed as “big boned” back then but I was always out and about doing things.

When I moved to Australia back in 2005 I was around 152 kg, within 8 years I had shot up to 207 kg. My body actually coped reasonably well with carrying that much weight for such a long time – until I turned 40 then it was like a switch was flicked and I started getting all these ailments e.g. aching knees, broken sleep, breathing heavily whilst doing nothing, sore lower back, sore legs when I tried to walk and that’s when I knew it was all catching up on me.

I heard an advert on the radio for WLSA and it just stuck with me so that same afternoon I gave them a call and before I knew it I was having a consultation for the Gastric Sleeve.

I was nervous and slightly anxious because I have never been in the hospital for anything in my entire life and here I am looking to get major surgery done.

Fast forward 6 months I had the procedure done and now almost 6 months post-op I have lost 61kg.

My journey has been one of learning and pushing myself to not only heal the damage from 20 years of poor lifestyle choices but to become the absolute best version of me ever.

I can honestly say as of today, even though my journey is still in progress – I truly love who I am and I know my partner and beautiful 13 yr old Daughter are happy that this guy is going to be around for a lot longer.

Corey Mahauariki


From WLSA:

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Corey, it’s been a privilege for us to help you on your transformation, to see you living active and eating healthy. You have been embracing all your challenges as well as acknowledging your achievements, you’ve built friendships within our WLSA community, you’ve inspired many others as well as your own family – we can’t wait to see you progress over the next 6 months and we’re always here with you, keep it up!

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia