Weight Loss: Josh Ashworth

Transformation Update: 6th Feb 2018

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Josh Ashworth.

Here’s his story:

Hello, #WeightlossWarriors and future warriors,

Since my story aired back in September for Father’s Day, I have lost 74kg in total.

Weightloss Warrior Josh Ashworth

We celebrated my 35th birthday while spending the morning at the beach then lunch at Skypoint Tower, while we were there we are now looking a date for Centrepoint Tower climb for a romantic sunset with my wife coming up in a few months now with my kids finally back at school and being in the double digits.

Weight loss warrior Josh Ashworth Family

In November I hit my first goal in this journey being double digits on the scales after over 10 years of being obese.

weight loss warrior Josh Ashworth Journey

Christmas time meant for me that friends and family finally got to see the improved me and was fantastically received with being the hot topic of the talk with everyone, our Christmas time normally means food and alcohol for everyone while being embarrassed about my size and not really doing much, but 12 months on I was happy socialising with everyone eating all the normal food while in smaller portions.

weight loss warrior Josh Ashworth happy

The next 2 goals I have set for myself in 2019.

1st is to climb the Movie World roller coaster being 282 steps verticle I would never dream of doing such a thing when I was 170kg but now it is easily achievable.

weight loss warrior Josh Ashworth swimming

2nd is to walk around Skypoint Tower and finally the last achievement will be that in November 2019 I will be skydiving as a part of a bet that my aunt has kept with me for the majority of my life, that being once I got to double digits and stay for 12 months, she will pay for a skydive.

weight loss warrior Josh Ashworth

Today I finally received a promotion in my work with a new contract. Which would never have happened if I didn’t have the surgery.

weight loss warrior Josh Ashworth having fun

I want to thank Felicity and the crew for all the love and support they throw at everyone.

My life has turned a full 360 in 12 months and I couldn’t be happier.

Josh Ashworth

#WeightLoss Warrior

From WLSA:

Congratulations on everything you have achieved over the past 12 months Josh and the impact you have had on your family in such a positive way. You have always shown up at our patient’s events and really made use of the support team you have around you which has played a big role in what you have achieved. We wish you luck for the future and whatever that holds for you.

Brianna Fear-Keen, Accredited Practising Dietitian

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Transformation Update: 2nd Sept 2018

Greetings To All Fathers On This Special Day:

Weightloss Warrior Josh Ashworth Family

“Hi everyone, my name is Josh and I am a father to 3 step kids and 2 of my own. My Father’s Day in 2017 was a very interesting one as I had just made my decision and booked in for my gastric sleeve surgery. We stayed at home and did nothing due to the size I had gotten too, I was very self conscious about not only going out but being in public in general. Fast forward 12 months and 64kg lost, we are now off to the beach for some morning family fun and then heading out for dinner with the rest of the extended family. WLSA has changed my life forever, not only do I live my life differently but I can enjoy Father’s Day with the kids whom I love most and enjoy being as active as a family can be. This journey not only has saved my life but allows me to be part of the family activities instead of being that parent on the sideline watching everything as it happens…” 

Josh Ashworth – WeightLoss Warrior

Weightloss Warrior Josh Ashworth Family

From WLSA:

WLSA hereby wishes all dads a very Happy Father’s Day.
If you are a father or know a father that could lead a healthier and happier life, here’s the invitation to attend the free Reclaim Your Life event on Tuesday 11th September 6pm at Varsity Lakes. Attendees will learn all about the various surgical and non-surgical bariatric procedures, meet a WLSA patient who will share her Lifestyle Modification experience, and benefit from a speed consultation session with our panel of medical experts, including the nurse, dietitian and psychologist.

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