Weight Loss: Katherine Williams

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Katherine Williams

Here’s her story:

On the 15th of May, I celebrated my one-year post-op anniversary.
I was a skinny child but once I became a teenager, my weight fluctuated constantly and I was unable to stabilise without living on lettuce & spending 5 hours a day in the gym.

After having my children, I just put on more and more weight and have spent my adult life hovering between 90 & 110 kgs. My 13-year relationship ended in 2013 and I became depressed and developed intense anxiety. My weight dropped drastically but due to stress, I looked drawn and sick.

Once I became happy again, my weight increased. I wasn’t happy in my body anymore, I couldn’t buy clothes that looked nice, I didn’t feel attractive or happy at all.

I contacted WLSA in January 2018, I had a consultation in March 2018. I almost cancelled my consultation but pushed through my anxiety and went along. I am so glad I did. I weighed in at 102kgs.

I was given my surgery date 15th May 2018. I started my pre-op diet 2 weeks prior to surgery. I weighed in at 96 kgs on the morning of surgery.

My surgery went very well (also had Hiatus Hernia repair which I didn’t know I had). My journey has been so easy so far.

Exactly 8 months post op I reached my 65kg goal weight. On the 15th May 2019, 1-year post op, I weigh 59-60kgs, I’m size 8 or XS which I have never been in my life.

I am healthy & happy, confident & my self-esteem is back, I look forward to everything my future holds. I highly recommend weight loss surgery to anyone struggling and would be happy to encourage & support them.

Katherine Williams

#WeightLoss Warrior

Message from WLSA:

What an exciting day to look back on all you have achieved over the last year. It’s amazing how one short year can bring so many positive life-transforming changes!  We are all so happy for you! It is wonderful that you are inspired to encourage and assist others in their weight loss journeys too.  Happy sleevaversary from all of us at WLSA!

Stephnie Van Diemen, Medical Receptionist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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