Weight Loss: Leanne Hickey

This week, we celebrate Leanne Hickey’s successful weight loss transformation. Here’s her story:

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I popped in and shared my progress. Life is full on now and there’s no stopping me!

I’m looking at getting a job soon as I’m very eager to get back into the workforce.

My sleeve date was 26th March 2019. Here’s my current WLS stats:

  • Highest weight 289kg
  • Pre-op weight 258kg (right picture)
  • Surgery weight 248kg
  • Current weight 146kg (left picture)

I hope this inspires you to take that step and reclaim your life too!

Leanne Hickey

Message From WLSA:
Dear Leanne, we are delighted to know that you’re now living a FULL ON life! Thank you for stopping by to give us an update of your weight loss transformation and good luck with your next adventure (new job!)

Felicity Cohen,

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