Weight Loss: Lorraine Mencinsky

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Lorraine Mencinsky.
Here’s her story:

I started my weight loss journey at 105.4kg. It has been 6months since my surgery and I’ve lost 28.6kg, with only 5kg to go to my goal weight.

Feeling alive and well, with a second chance at life after 11 hip surgeries and 2 shoulder surgeries in 9 years. I’ve even gone from using a mobility scooter to a walker.

Here I am taking my new birthday jeans and jacket out for a mountain walk and down to two walking sticks! Life couldn’t be greater!

Lorraine Mencinsky

Message from WLSA:
Congratulations Lorraine, what a phenomenal outcome in only 6 months! It’s great to see you up on your feet and enjoying nature. You’re so close to your goal weight and we can’t wait to hear about what’s next in store for you to achieve.

Felicity Cohen

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