From A Stationary Seamstress To The Ultimate Thrillseeker

This week, we share the transformation of #WeightLossWarrior Melinda Adams who began her weight loss journey in 2004 via a Gastric Band procedure – that was the only bariatric solution available at that time. We talked about how her trajectory in life has changed a million per cent since then. Melinda regained her functional fitness which enabled her to try out different careers to building up a financial property portfolio, to travelling around the world. Ever the avid thrill seeker, Melinda shares her passion for all things adrenaline including white water rafting and jumping out of planes!

A big takeaway for anyone considering bariatric solutions to achieve sustainable weight loss, take a moment to think about this: If in your thirties, you couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs yet in your fifties, you’re doing whitewater rafting, that’s a massive polarisation between those two points in time.

The lap band weight loss solution and Melinda’s 3Ps – Positive, Persistent and Perseverance, has given her the most amazing opportunity to live a full, active and incredible life.

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