Weight Loss: Melissa Presland

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Melissa Presland

Here’s her story:

I had always been a fairly fit person who exercised regularly but my weight continued to slowly creep up through my twenties.  I tried every diet around and would lose weight only to gain more as soon as I stopped the diet. At the age of 29, I had to have knee surgery which left me in a brace and unable to exercise for months.  Not long after this, I had my 3 beautiful children in quick succession and the weight piled on.

Before I knew it, I was over 150 kgs and struggling to walk up stairs or catch my breath.  I could no longer exercise without everything hurting and I was so embarrassed about the way that I looked that I found excuses to miss social events as I knew I wouldn’t be able to find clothes that fit me and I was mortified at what I believed other people were thinking about me.  

I was also suffering from high blood pressure and severe sleep apnoea meaning I had to take medication and wear a mask and breathing apparatus every night to sleep.

I had gastric sleeve surgery on the 29th of January 2018 and it changed my life.  The first few months after surgery were pretty difficult as I struggled to adjust to the change in diet.  I felt sick a lot and there were times when I questioned my decision, but as the weight started to come off and I began to feel better, all of my doubts disappeared.  

15 months later I have lost over 70kgs.  I am only a couple of kilos away from being half the person I was when I started this journey.  I no longer require blood pressure medication and my sleep apnoea is gone. I exercise every day and enjoy getting out in the world and being active with my kids.  With the support of WLSA, I’ve started to stand up paddle boarding (which I love) and am looking forward to attempting to run the 10kms in the Gold Coast Marathon this year.  Last year I walked the 5.7km and it was a real struggle so I’m excited to see the difference a year can make.

I am so grateful to Felicity and the team at WLSA.  This journey has not just changed my life but I truly believe that it has saved my life.  I am a better wife to my husband and mother to my children now which makes me happier than I can even describe.  There is no doubt that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Melissa Presland

#Weightloss Warrior

Mesage from WLSA:

Congratulations on your phenomenal achievement Melissa! We have loved having you join us for our paddle boarding events and seeing your confidence grow.  We are all so proud of you for challenging yourself with the 10k run at the Gold Coast Marathon this year and commend you for your commitment to our Saturday training sessions in the lead up to the event!  Well done for taking back control of your weight and your health, we know you will be reaping the health benefits for many years to come, enjoying a healthy active, lifestyle with your beautiful children.

Stephnie Van Diemen, Medical Receptionist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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