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Weightloss UPDATE 9th Jan 2018:

This week, we celebrate the successful Weightloss of Melissa Shepherd.

Here’s her story:

When you turn 40 and you think this is what your life will always be.

WLSA Wonderful Weightloss Mell Shepherd Before Image

To only 12 months later and I have an amazing new body that is capable of so much more.

This morning I participated in the Parkrun while I’m currently in Queenstown, NZ and it was a bloody hard course but I finished In 47:33

I know I’ll never be able to find the words to express what this surgery has done for me but I am so damn proud of how far I’ve come and what I have to look forward to in the future.

WLSA Wonderful Weightloss Mell Shepherd Jan 2019 2

In 2019 I will be challenging myself further with running the Gold Coast Marathon as well as the Bridge to Brisbane. 

Thanks to Felicity and all the wonderful peeps at WLSA for giving me the life I was always meant to live.

From WLSA:

What an amazing overall transformation Melissa. You have always stayed so positive and continued to work hard on your habits despite big changes in remote working location and crazy rosters. Keep shining hon the future awaits.

Amanda Turbill, Dietitian of WeightLoss Solutions Australia.

First Published: [Mar 14, 2018]

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Melissa Shepherd. Here’s her story:

“Wow……. never in a million years did I think I would be this successful in losing weight!!! I often fantasised that the inspirational weight loss articles I read, would one day be me!!!!!!! I’m now week 1 postop and have lost a total of 14kgs!!!!!!! 5.9kgs since surgery hahaha…… I am now going to be one of those inspirational stories!!!!!”

Melissa  – Weightloss Warrior

Mel is only one-week post op but can already see successful weight loss and results at this very early stage. Focussing on the positive and visualising the future outcome 12 months from now can drive your motivation to continue becoming your own inspirational success story.

I love seeing positive stories at every phase of the journey; whether that be at 1 week, 12 months or even 4 years after surgery (and beyond).

A little bit of success really does breed motivation!

I’m excited to share Mel’s awesome story at just 1 week after surgery. She has lost 14kgs in total since starting her pre-op diet.

Please join us to congratulate Mel! We can’t wait to see her 12-month results!

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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