Weight Loss: Paula Joseph

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Paula Joseph.
Here’s her story:

As much as I’m ashamed of the first photo of me, which was taken without my knowledge while at “Santa Photos” for the kids a year ago. It’s important to acknowledge that it was this photo that was the clincher to seek the help I needed to start my weight loss journey. 

The next photo was taken around the same time a year after the first photo. Although they are completely different photos I see the huge (pun intended) difference a year has made! 

The first photo is me at my heaviest, the next photo I’m 45kg less. Thank you to everyone at WLSA that has helped me on my journey this last year and Happy New Year to you all. 

Paula Joseph

Message From WLSA:
Congratulations from all of us. To witness the change in you and your increase in confidence has been inspiring and we are all extremely proud of you.

Stephnie Van Diemen,
Medical Receptionist

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