Weight Loss: Priscilla Farry

Transformation Update: 9th September 2020

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Priscilla Farry.
Here’s her story:

We are officially 3 months into maternity leave! And I have chosen this time to really focus on my mindset and making better choices.

The last few weeks I have started back at the gym to commence post baby shred, making better choices with food and been getting creative in the kitchen! Cooking food is such a passion of mine because I can’t eat huge amounts I find comfort in cooking for other people and getting satisfied.

In a few more weeks once Noah and my routine is more established I want to get into yoga and meditation. I am loving being a mum of 2 and 4 (stepchildren) and being smaller after the second baby has made the birth and recovery so much easier on my body!

We also breastfeed for 8 weeks which was so amazing being able to nourish my baby with the best possible start to life!!

Priscilla Farry

Message from WLSA:
Congrats Priscilla on your new bundle of joy! We are overjoyed to see you and Noah both doing so well and to hear that your smaller size throughout this pregnancy has helped with an easier birth. We look forward to having you at our next warriors exclusive yoga and meditation sessions.

Felicity Cohen,

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Transformation Documentary 1st January 2020 – #YesYouCan Priscilla Farry’s Weight Loss Journey Update

“When I was in Year 9, I stood on the scales and it showed 53kgs. It was embarrassing & made me feel I wasn’t the same as everybody else.

Everyone was saying “You’re beautiful. You’re just a funny big girl.” At that moment, it didn’t matter they said, it was like, I don’t look the same as them. For years, I will always talk to other people & myself in 3rd person so I can remove the emotions, or I will make the joke first about being big, so they didn’t have to say it awkwardly to me. I was always that funny fat person.

After school, it was socially cool to hang out at the fish & chips shot to have hot chips or a scallop burger. I got addicted to grease, addicted to that needing something substantial to eat at 3pm, it wasn’t just a snack anymore. I will cook a meal when I got home & no one would know. And then we’ll have dinner shortly afterwards. I lost some weight a few times. But I was so happy with the weight loss that I reward myself with food again.

I was socially very active, always out and getting drunk. It was “convenient” to all go to the one place – KFC or Hungry Jacks. All my friends were skinny, it didn’t affect them but it affected me. But I wasn’t going to not have it because they are all having it. I put on 40kgs, double of what I have lost. I was tired of pretending I was ok. From 22 onwards, I stop going to festivals or friends house. My legs wouldn’t fit in the chair. What if it broke? What if I couldn’t get up? I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I didn’t want people to ask me how I was. So I just cut everybody out of my life.

As a replacement of social activity, I was laying in bed watching TV. I decline invitations to sit at home. They think I was a bitch because I’m not talking to them when really, I wanted them there. But I wasn’t the person they thought I was. I don’t know why I wasn’t happy. I had family, loving parents, friends.. all the things you would think you need to feel happy. I was sleepwalking to the fridge and eating at night time. Subconsciously, maybe I was waiting to secretly eat, to comfort myself. I wanted to eat but no one would let me. They tried to help but I hated everyone. My dad had to take the door off my room. It was really hard for my parents, they didn’t want me to be upset, they just wanted to help me.

I lost weight during pregnancy but put on over 30kgs afterwards. My daughter Olivia wasn’t sleeping, so I was staying up, snacking, doing all of those things around having a young baby. I was prepping everything spot on for her, but I didn’t have time to prep for myself. I wasn’t eating quality food. I haven’t fixed myself before Olivia came around. I don’t want her to associate items or foods with her parents: “Mummy is coke, Daddy is Iced Coffee.” Work was busy, so I drank V and Coke to replace meals. Stress was never in my childhood. With adult stress as a parent and at work, I ballooned out of control. I hated the clothes store, I avoided them.

I always shop online, it’s easier, I can get anything I wanted without interactions with people where they just assumed they know my size or what would “fit” me. I didn’t accept I was buying bigger clothes for the real reason, I told myself I just wanted something loose. During an attempt to fulfil my New Year’s Resolution after seeing a photo my partner took of me, I went for a walk at Burleigh Heads with a friend. I slipped and fell, rolled my ankle and went down the hill. I had to climb over the fence to get out and I would not let anyone call the ambulance. The pain and recovery from my ankle were brutal. If I wasn’t that big (130kgs), it wouldn’t be such a bad recovery. But this epic fail new year’s resolution has been the best thing ever. Now that I’m under 100kgs, I stopped looking at the scales.

I’m searching for all the feel-good moments. I just want to be strong and fit. It’s such a raw topic, but hands down, I’m so much happier. My work productivity is better. My friends are now accepting me as really me, for who I am, in every element that I do share with them. From sharing my experiences on social media, that’s how they have been able to connect with me and I’m ready to talk to them face to face about it – It’s been pretty special. My journey is well and truly not over. I am so much happier. I can now withhold long hours. I got a job promotion. I got engaged.

My partner could see I was no longer depressed. He was happy because I was happy. It is ok to not be ok. It’s ok to ask for help. You’re not alone. Whatever it is you want to do, you absolutely can. How you see yourself is the only thing holding you back. Yes, you can have a healthy family. Yes, you can get on that swing and go down the slide. Yes, you can take back control of your life.”

Priscilla Farry,
WeightLoss Warrior.

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight loss of Priscilla Farry

Here’s her story:

I guess my whole life I was always the “fat but funny girl” it became my norm to just be bigger than everybody else.


I was always quite active and my friends always made comments that I always leave food on my plate. It wasn’t until I moved out of the home and moved in with my friends that I really noticed where my addiction was.


I was a night time snacker. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have a delish junk food feast and wake up and not even realise ( until my friends told me and I started to notice the evidence).


I assume this contributed to a lot of my weight gain over the years and the fun partying stage of being 18. Over the years I joined multiple gyms and would push and push myself and I would lose 2-3kg and reward myself with food!


It was a continuous cycle. I then met my partner and fell pregnant in 2015 where we had a beautiful girl Olivia, and I obviously needed to be the best mum I could be for my daughter!


So I attempted again for the last time another weight loss binge. The cycle began again, I joined a gym went during the day, during the night, hired a PT, did everything right only this time I found addiction in V and soft drink.


This spiralled out of control; whether it was a newborn baby from sleep deprivation or something else but I had created another bad habit and cycle.


In January 2018 I had a great idea to meet my best friend and go for a walk around Burleigh hill. We had the best time, we finished the walk and was literally 10 metres away from the car when something happened and I rolled my ankle and fell over. The pain I experienced was awful, I was so embarrassed! How did I manage to fall over at the end of my walk? Recovery was horrible. Imagine a 133kg person only being able to use 1 leg and on crutches. It wasn’t pretty. It took about 4 months for it to feel “normal” again. During these months I was thinking omg this is it. I’m always going to stay big or get bigger.


So I went to the doctors praying there was a medical reason I was gaining so much weight and not being able to lose it. NOPE.


Blood pressure was great, cholesterol perfect, diabetes not detected. I was perfectly healthy. It was my mind that was not. So I started to look into the medical intervention of the gastric sleeve. I watched 100’s of videos online of the surgery and people’s experiences just to see if I was brave enough to do this.


I finally worked up the courage to contact WLSA and make my appointment and in true Priscilla fashion I leave everything to the last minute, I signed my paperwork on a Tuesday, uploaded on the Thursday and Friday morning I was on a plane to Europe!! Where the plan was to indulge in all things Italian as my last hurrah with my best friend. But, that plan failed when I had to ask for a seat belt extender because I was too fat to sit on a chair.


It was literally that light bulb moment for me where I went. OK WOW, I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE. The whole trip my eyes finally opened and the reality came crashing down.


I was actually 133kg and need to seek medical intervention at the age of 27.


I am so thankful for everything that led to that moment, as in the last 9 months I have had the best time with my family, I drop my daughter off at kindy and I can jump on the tandem bike with her and pedal around, we can go down the slides at the park together, hang out at the beach in a bikini if I wanted to.


My relationship with my partner has blossomed because I actually want to be social now. I am no longer depressed. I recently got engaged. So much is going on in my life that I have this process to thank for.


It is hard work. And I didn’t lose my weight quickly; I struggle to keep it off still and my mental health is still a struggle. I have no regrets but I wish I was brave enough to ask for help earlier and not be ashamed !!!

From the CEO of WLSA:

Priscilla, thank you for so openly sharing your story. I remember the excitement you shared before leaving on your overseas trip. I can only imagine the uncomfortable humiliating feelings of wearing that extension seat belt and what a light bulb moment for you that must have been. I have seen this so often in our patients and know how liberating that must feel now; no more extension seat belts for life! I love that your relationships have “blossomed’ and that you are so committed to your physical fitness as well. Your commitment to achieving better health and a better life is truly inspiring and I hope that others in their 20s’ will learn that this is a pathway to better health. You don’t need to wait until you are 40!

I’m so happy for you Priscilla. Incredible changes at just 9 months post op and the best is yet to come.

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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