Weight Loss: Richard Smedley

Transformation Documentary 14th January 2020 – #YesYouCan Richard Smedley Weight Loss Journey Update

Richard Smedley was once morbidly obese, sitting at just over 200 kg. He found the tool to assist him to lose weight permanently. He has lost over 100 kg and living a very active, fun and rewarding life now – from jet skiing on Sundays to salsa dancing on weeknights, he is living the dream. 

From WLSA:

Congratulations from all of us at WeightLoss Solutions Australia.

Stephnie Van Diemen, Medical Receptionist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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Transformation Update Dec 19th  2018:

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Richard Smedley. Here’s his story:

Hi all,
Just a quick update on my #WeightLossWarrior journey:
  • Starting weight 200kg on 9th March 2016
  • Reached goal 98.5kg on 15th July 2017
  • Skin reduction surgery on 14th May 2018 (this removed further 8.7kg)
Skin Reduction Surgery
Since then my son and I had a trip to the USA for 4 weeks, and we had a fantastic time, touring many states, doing things from boat trips, lots of walking, helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon, Vegas, Louisiana swamp tour, Mount Rushmore, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, World Trade Centre Museum and Memorial, the Battleship, Arizona Memorial, a tour on the Missouri Battleship and much more.

One thing about this type of holiday is that it is very hard to monitor properly the food you would normally eat, and my concern was of gaining weight. Amazingly when I arrived home and hoped on the scales my weight was exactly the same at 98.5kg.

The other thing I brought back from the US with was a nasty flu and with some major surgery due on the 14/5/2018, there was a panic to recover in time, like this one of the most important surgeries, that I was looking forward too.

Yes, the surgery is the skin reduction surgery at WLSA. I decided I wanted to do this to complete my journey, as I had worked so hard, with the weight loss after the gastric sleeve, through WLSA, it was the final part of the journey, and I was looking forward to it.

14th May 2018 at 8 AM the surgeon came into the ward with his texture pen, tape measure, camera, and a plastic surgeon student doctor to mark me up ready for surgery. After a chat with the anaesthetist, the next thing I knew I was being woken in recovery, apparently after more than 13 hours in recovery. Yeah, that long.

The result from the surgery was the removal of 8.7kg of skin, fat and fluid as the procedure was Circumferential Lipectomy, as an independent procedure, for circumferential excess of redundant skin and fat that is a direct consequence of significant weight loss, with a radical abdominoplasty and with liposuction (suction assisted lipolysis) and as a result of the Circumferential Lipectomy a bum lift as well and double breast, mastectomy for gynecomastia, with liposuction (suction assisted lipolysis).

I also discovered (thanks to the “pain nurse”) that for your body to heal, your pain level needs to stay at about a 2.5 to 3. So I was kept very comfortable with a variety of wonderful tablets. I was in a hospital for 7 days.

Due to the tightness of my backstitching I was instructed I could only lay down or be standing for the next few weeks as a couple of stitches had torn, and no showers. A complication I had explained to me that because of the type of surgery I had that this could happen. Unfortunately, this put an end to my participation for the 2018 Gold Coast Airport Marathon, but I attended to support the WLSA team. I had to go to the surgeons practice a few times to get the torn stitching area closed. Once this had healed, I was given the all clear to go back to the gym.


The surgery was now 7 months ago and I get to the gym at least 4 times a week and am even more active than I was before. Even now after a workout I’m still sore, from the surgery and feel tighter than a drum, but this is due to the internal stitching and the body healing. Due to the extent of the surgery I had, the recovery period is 16 to 18 months. So I have a bit to go yet but would not change anything, and it is all going to plan. One hobby I have taken up is target pistol shooting, which is another goal to master.
Tap Tap Cook Brett Porter EFT
On the 1st Dec 2018, WLSA hosted Tap Tap Cook at the Royal Pines with brilliant Chef Leslie and a session on taping session EFT by Brett Porter. The EFT session by Brett was very informative and the process of tapping was something I had never heard of or was aware of before. I came away with some really useful information. Thanks, Brett.
Tap Tap Cook Royal Pines
Now for Chef Leslie, what can I say about him, fun, informative, and yummy food. This time the menu from Chef Leslie, had less cooking and easier to produce as that meant less time in a hot kitchen. Chef Leslie, his wife and the assistant chef and others all working very hard to look after us all. Chef Leslie even had vegan substitutes as an alternative. I look forward to trying some of these dishes as I have in the past.
Thanks to Felicity and all the WLSA staff for again hosting a fantastic event, I really appreciate all the hard work they do for us.
Now for 2019, another busy year ahead, more target pistol shooting and training, and I hope to have a full license by early 2019. Stand Up Paddle Boarding put on by WLSA again in February. A 2-week cruise to Singapore in March. Training for the #GCM2019 at the end of June, again put on by the fantastic WLSA and sponsoring us with the WLSA team, more house renovations, the gym, and other stuff and of course like all of us, I do have to work as well as fit all this stuff in.
Take care all and thanks again to Felicity and the WLSA team for all their and ongoing support for the past few years.
Have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.
Richard Smedley

Second Published: [Feb 13th, 2016]

My journey all started in September 2015, when I was weighed for shoulder surgery and I came in at 200kg. They couldn’t use the ordinary scales, and I had to use the heavy-duty scales. A bit of concern by the anaesthetists, but all went OK. I also had trouble walking 50 meters without taking a break.

It’s time to do something about the weight. Then in late 2015, an acquaintance of mine put me in touch with Felicity of WeightLoss Solutions Australia (WLSA), who I had met many years before and I was aware of the process of a gastric sleeving surgery.

We made an appointment for me to come and visit at WLSA at Varsity Lakes. We had an initial meeting and the good old weigh-in was done and still just under the 200kg but only by 100 grams or so.

We got the ball rolling from there. I had meetings with WLSA panel of medical experts including the surgeon, nurse, dietitian and psychologist. They all had the belief in me that I would be a good candidate for the gastric sleeving surgery.

The date was made on 9th March 2016.

I did all the paperwork in January 2016 and applied for early release of superannuation to pay for the surgery. A couple of hiccups with paperwork later, it was approved and the pre-op diet started.

Op day no issues, and all went OK.

The fluid stage, puree stage and start of solids all went OK. I did a little experimenting with various foods, soups etc. My bar mix type device was priceless for all this.

After a few months, I no longer needed the CPAP machine as with the weight, my sleep apnea went away. In addition, the only heart issue I had being so obese, was high blood pressure and after approximately a couple of months, my medication was stopped as I was on the extremely high dose, and was re-adjusted to such a low level that I only had to take half a tablet of the lowest dose needed.

The weight just started to fall off. I found what works for me was to eat small meals at least 6 times a day with some sort of protein in most meals.

I went to the meetings and training at WLSA, with the dietitian for extra advise in the continuation of the journey. A must if you can get there. The information is priceless and the support and throwing around ideas with the other participants is invaluable.

The more I lost, the better I felt. I had been walking as part of the start of exercise in my journey, and a couple of months down, I started back at the gym, and the cycle just continued. More exercise, more weight loss. I had become a fat burning machine!

My first goal was, as the weight dropped, to do something I had dreamed about for years. That was jet skiing.

I attended the Mindfulness and Meditation event at WeightLoss Solutions Australia and when we’re asked what goals we had, I proudly announced the plan for a jet ski. Everyone there was so supportive of each other’s goals and plans.

My daughter, son and myself booked in and obtained our boat and personal watercraft licenses. The next step was the purchase of a jet ski and away we went. Lots of fun.

Apart from weight loss, my next goal from there was to prepare to challenge the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM) 5.7km walk. The date for that was approximately 15.5 months after my surgery.

My weight at my “sleeversary” in March 2017, was about 136kg, that’s 64kg down. If you had suggested that to me a year before I would have told you, that you were totally mad and to go away.

My goal also for the GCAM was to be at about 100kg, to be a double goal, but psychologist Warren from WLSA, was a little bit apprehensive of me achieving that goal, but he didn’t know my drive well enough and I had 3 months to do it.

I did fall a couple of kgs short of that mark but it was close.

As part of the support network, WLSA organized a brilliant exercise scientist, Therese Fossheim from Physiologic, to conduct a 12-week training program where she observed and coached us to achieve the best we could individually and to prevent any injuries in our journey towards the #GCAM2017.

The day came; I had my game plan, and stuck to it and achieved my best time for me of 61 minutes for the 5.7km race. I was hoping to crack the 60 minutes mark but ah well – I was happy!

My next goal was cracking the under 100kg mark, that I achieved by mid-July. The best day was seeing those scales at 99.9kg. So happy. Now I just maintain my weight at about the 98kg mark.

The next step for me is the body lift surgery that I have now booked for mid-May 2018 after my son and I come back from 4 weeks in the United States – something we have been planning for 5 years. You cannot blow up a balloon to almost breaking point and it doesn’t bounce back to its normal size. Although I am surprised as to how much the body has shrunk. I have abs under the flab.

Subject to any injuries, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. On the weekends I usually do a 5-6km walk and take the dogs for another 2km walk. I do keep fairly active these days.

WLSA and all the staff are fantastic with support, even after going past the 12-month Lifestyle Modification program scope, I am still invited to participate in various cooking, sporting and wellness events. In a couple of weeks, I will be the star entertainment for the group’s standing up paddle boarding! Should be a great laugh.

Stay tuned.

Richard Smedley

First Published: [July 26, 2016]

Richard has lost 47.1kg since his surgery just over 4 months ago. He has achieved so much in just a short length of time! Not just in terms of significant weight loss but life changes. Together with his kids, he has recently decided to get his jet ski license! We were all so overwhelmed when he announced this achievement at our recent mindfulness workshop. One of the wonderful things about weight loss surgery is the life goals and dreams that start to become a reality. Stepping out of the shadow of your former self and actively doing so much more is fabulous for relationships and good health in so many ways. *

We are so proud of Richard’s early results and cannot wait to share more with you in a few more months.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person