Weight Loss: Salina Thomson

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight loss of Salina Thomson

Here’s her story:

I have been overweight since I was 17. I started gaining weight rapidly from 16 after being diagnosed with PCOS.



In 12 months I had gained 50kg at such a critical age. Then I fell pregnant with my first child and gained another 20kg.


I have 3 children and with each pregnancy, I gained between 15-25kg through no fault of my own.

Weightloss Warrior Salina-Thomson-1

For years I tried every fad diet, shakes, pills and just plain clean eating and exercise to no avail. Nothing worked. I lost all my confidence and self-worth.


I hated looking in the mirror. Then I read about a friend of mine who was booked to have a gastric sleeve. I started doing research of my own and came across WLSA and loved the whole process I had someone to help me along the way.


From my super application, all the way through and up to now at 15 months post op still have the support there if needed. I remember attending my very first WeightLoss Workshop at WLSA. It was 3 months before my surgery and we were all made to write down 3 goals for things I wanted to be able to do after surgery… Last weekend I finally have achieved all 3 of those things.

  1. Walk up stairs without losing my breath.
  2. Shop in normally sized clothing shops.
  3. Go on a roller coaster with my eldest daughter who is 12 and I have never been on a ride with her as I was too scared I would be “too fat” and embarrass her by me being asked to get off the ride. Last weekend I finally was able to get the courage to do this with my daughter.️ 


I booked my surgery that night of the WeightLoss Workshop and it was the best choice I ever made.

I turned 30 last year and now I actually feel like I’m living my best life for me and my kids.


My starting weight was 140kg. And I hit my goal weight of 80kg a few months ago. I am now down to 75kg with a total loss of 65kg. I cannot thank WLSA enough for everything they have done for me.


They have given me my confidence back and my children now have a mum who can actually run around with them. And show my daughter how to be confident in themselves. 

Salina Thomson


Message from WLSA:

Huge congratulations Salina!  What an amazing feeling it must be to realise that you have achieved all the goals that you have set for yourself in regards to your weight loss.  I’m sure your daughters could not be more proud of their mum, and neither could we.  Keep on living your best life! 

Stephnie Van Diemen, Medical Receptionist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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