Weight Loss: Sara Dammasch

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Sara Dammasch
Here’s her story:

In August 2019, I explored all the avenues for weight loss solutions. I had tried all the diets, even taking tablets recommended by medical professionals. My GP also mentioned having weight loss surgery, but being extremely independent I couldn’t outlay that kind of money, which sent me into a spiral! I was wearing size 24 pants and a 26 top – something I kept to myself because I lost all confidence in myself, even dying my hair black constantly, which reflected how I felt most days.

One morning after talking to a friend about her weight loss journey, and how she chose to use her super to assist with the costs, I was curious. I did some research and came across WLSA where I found so much information on the various options for weight loss solutions and the wonderful ladies contacted me straight away to talk me through it all and make an appointment to talk further in person. I was lucky to have the support from my husband who offered to dig into his super to pay for my surgery! WLSA made it possible and it was quick! I had my consultation and by the end of the day, I had my surgery date booked. Yes, I was scared, I did go through the pros and cons but my husband was there with encouragement. The day of the surgery I was nervous and excited because I knew from this point onwards, my life would be changed for the better.

I was lucky with my recovery, I bounced back really fast, it was brilliant! As the weeks went on I felt different, I felt the excitement. I would wake up knowing that this week I would see more results – I didn’t care if they were small, all I knew was that there was going to be results. I’m now six months post-op and it’s still the best experience I have been through. Why? I have my life back! I am now wearing a size 16 pants and 18 top (I still don’t like clingy clothes though).

I can run, I can sit with my little people with my legs crossed. Yes, it sounds so small but I couldn’t before and now the possibilities are endless. I can jump, run, get up from a sitting position on the floor with ease and no struggle. AND yes, once upon a time I couldn’t even get up without a struggle! I can go about my day and not be so exhausted.

This is a dream for me, my little ones are my world. Since all these changes have happened, I no longer feel this dark cloud of dread – I needed to say a final goodbye to the darkness and bring that light into my life. So I said goodbye to 13 years of black hair and I’m now Blonde – going blonde for me reflects all the changes in my life.

I wake up every day feeling so happy and grateful to the staffs at WLSA and the surgeons for giving me my life back. What I spent on the surgery is nothing in comparison to having my life back. I feel the light and I have truly said goodbye to the darkness that once shadowed me. I still have a long way to go in my journey, but I know I have a brighter and happier journey ahead with a wonderful group of supportive people behind me, to share the happiness I now feel daily.

I hope my story inspires you to take your life back, to take the leap of faith, because I can tell you it’s the best decision I’ve made.

Sara Dammasch

Message From WLSA:
Congratulations from all of us. To witness the change in you and your increase in confidence has been inspiring and we are all extremely proud of you.

Stephnie Van Diemen,
Medical Receptionist

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