Weight Loss: Sarah Campbell

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Sarah Campbell.

Here’s her story:

I still can’t believe this is me. Legit can’t believe either of them is though. I’m still not identifying as the girl on the right and I am beyond shocked that I looked like the girl on the left.

I remember the day I took the photo in the maroon dress. It was a new dress I bought for a job interview and I felt amazing in it.

The photo on the right was a new dress I bought as a birthday present to myself (from my 4-year-old daughter to me lol)

Almost 8 months post op and I have lost 36.6kg. That was so much extra weight I was carrying around!

20kg to go and lots of toning and tightening to do but I feel like a whole new person!

Thank you so much WLSA. You have changed my life. I will be forever grateful.

Sarah Campbell

#Weightloss Warrior

Message from WLSA:

It’s great to see your success with your weight loss so far, and your increase in confidence within yourself and your ability to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. It is fantastic what you have achieved in 8 months and we are so excited to watch the rest of your journey!

Isabella of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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