Weight Loss: Stacey Grayson

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Stacey Grayson.
Here’s her story:

The photo on the left is me on Mother’s Day in 2020 and the one on the right is a year later, with a whole 38kg weight loss and loving life! The health benefits already are unbelievable. I have no knee pain, I’m off my blood pressure, reflux and anti-depressant tablets, even my asthma has improved. This has been the best decision I have ever made, I feel amazing!!

Thank you WLSA!

Gastric Bypass Surgery 22/09/2020

Heaviest Weight 115kg

First Consult Weight 108kg

Day of Surgery Weight 102kg

Current Weight 70kg

Stacey Grayson

Message from WLSA:
Tremendous work Stacey! The whole team at WLSA are cheering you on – we love hearing stories like yours, but most importantly how this surgery has transformed your health. We look forward to hearing more about the improvements in your life as you continue on this journey.

Felicity Cohen

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