Weight Loss: Vicki & Trudi Bunn

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Vicki & Trudi Bunn.
Here’s their story:

Throughout our earlier years, Trudi and I have always struggled with our weight, with yoyo dieting becoming a way of life. In 2019 Trudi talked to our mother about having weight loss surgery but was worried about how much excess skin there would be at her age. She hadn’t told me that she was thinking about surgery.

Now for my part, in early 2020 I collapsed at work and I needed to go to the hospital, which led me to think about my health and what I should do. In May 2020 I had a health assessment at work and the nurse talked about weight loss surgery. In June I noticed a work colleague losing weight, so asked her if she had undergone weight loss surgery, which she had.

So I researched weight loss surgery when I came across WLSA, who contacted me right away to come in for an assessment. It was after this that I confided in Trudi and mum about my plans when Trudi said she would like it done as well. So we went into WLSA together to meet with the team.

We both had gastric sleeve surgery done on the 4th of September 2020. Mum has been a great support throughout this whole process. We have also joined up for the 5km fun run down on the Gold Coast which we wouldn’t have thought about before the surgery, what the heck!!!!

Here is an update on our weight loss post-surgery:

Heaviest weight (2020) 150kg
Surgery weight   131kg
Current weight    92.9kg

Heaviest weight (2020) 125kg
Surgery weight    111kg
Current  weight    78.9kg

We are still on our weight loss journey, but now we are loving our bodies and transformation and can’t wait to live our lives in healthier, fitter bodies.

Vicki & Trudi Bunn

Message from WLSA:
Congratulations Vicki and Trudi! You have achieved so much in the past 6 months and the whole team at WLSA couldn’t be happier for both of you. You are very lucky to have the support of one another and your family. We can’t wait for the next chapter in your weight loss journey – hopefully, we’ll see you at the Gold Coast Marathon!

Felicity Cohen

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