Wonderful Weight Loss Wednesday: Faye

This week we are celebrating Faye’s success story. Faye said her successful weight loss surgery has changed 3 things in her life.


The first change is her health. She no longer needs high blood pressure medication or suffers from asthma. Her arthritis knee pain has also significantly improved. The second change is her level of happiness and confidence. Her weight loss has given her the confidence to do a marriage celebrants course. Previously she wouldn’t have done it as she would not have wanted to be photographed. Well now she can! The third change is her attitude towards foods. She said ” Now i think what I put in my mouth differently. I still have my chocolate but a couple of squares and not the whole block. Protein has become my focus followed by vegetables.” *


Congratulations Faye, we are so proud of you! To those who still have doubts about weight loss surgery, talk to us and allow us to educate you more about it. Weight loss surgery has changed many lives, not only in Australia but also all around the world. The reason why it is the most talked about solution is because it really works and is highly recommended for overweight individuals who need to lose weight due to health concerns  especially. If you fall under this category too, do not hesitate to talk about your weight problems with us. Our next info session is on the 6th of January, 2016. Come and join us to learn more about permanent weight loss from our health experts. Registration is still open at bit.ly/INFOSESSION

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.