This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Jackie Nielsen. Here’s her story:

We’re so excited to share the amazing transformation of Jackie Nielsen who once sat with us in one of information nights in 2014. She’s now a CHANGED person & below is her testimonial:

“I have NEVER felt better, this is the first time in my life that I feel like a ‘normal’ person. I am going out and doing social things without feeling self conscious, or fat or frumpy. I feel beautiful and vibrant…. Ive never been beautiful and vibrant!!!

I no longer seem to be invisible and I notice faces smile at me now, doors being held open, random people (males) make small talk when waiting in queues or at counters, Ive even started dating, life is just awesome.

I have a whole new life, I have a fun social life, I’ve met new friends, my bum now fits on the back of a motorbike and Ive been going for weekend rides in the hinterland. Im getting myself a bike of my own around Christmas (my gift to me).

I have not been sick once since my surgery, I have had some uncomfortable moments, but they were self inflicted and an ever repeating learning curve.

Jackie Nielson_after

Because of the portion sizes, I eat high quality foods now, smoked salmon, crab, oysters, other seafood, rib eye fillet etc. Its not expensive because some portions last me at least 2 meals.

Im having a ball and my only regret is not having done this sooner.

I had absolutely NO IDEA of the impact this would have on my inner self, my outlook on life, coming out of my shell and onto the stage, so to speak. Its just the most awesome thing anyone can do for themselves.

I sat there on an information night about January or February 2014 looking at people (just like me) talking about their experience and showing photos. I did not really ever think that I TOO COULD BE LIKE THAT.

Thanks Felicity, I am more than happy to share as much information as requested.

The journey so far has been nothing short of incredible.” *

Jackie Nielsen

Message from WLSA:

What an inspiring story, congratulations to Jackie! We hope that success stories like this will motivate you to take action now for a better future ahead. Below is a photo of Jackie before her surgery:

Jackie Nielson_before

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.