This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Jason Davenport. Here’s his story:

Last Sunday, we made a brief introduction about Jason Davenport, our guest speaker for tomorrow’s info session, at 6pm. Jason’s remarkable transformation is an inspiration. Here’s the full story & testimonial of his successful weight loss achievement:

“Just four short years ago, I clocked in on the scale at 364.5 kg. Unhappy with the shape that I was in, I got a gastric sleeve from a great surgeon from Weight Loss Solutions, training non-stop ever since, twice a day every single day. I now weigh 128.3 kg. I am currently working toward a Diploma in Fitness at HPC Miami, which will qualify me to work as a personal trainer who specializes in people that are in situations similar to the one in which I once found myself.

Jason_WWW_success 1
When I started my journey, the only solid goal that I had in mind for myself was getting healthy. As I became healthy, however, I set my sights a little higher and a little higher, eventually realizing that fitness was no longer something that I was doing for some end: I was doing it because it was what I loved to do. I feel great, and if you hadn’t seen me in a few years, you probably wouldn’t recognize me right away. I know that I have come a long way, but I am far from satisfied. Currently my heart is set on competing in the WBFF Men’s Muscle Competition. My coach is Jaco de Bruyn, an international fitness competitor, coach, and model, and I work with his team at Aesthetics Academy.

My life revolves around health and fitness, and as someone who was once on the opposite end of the spectrum. *

IG: instagram.com/jason.bodybuilderinthemaking



Message from WLSA:

Let’s congratulate Jason for his success, & hopefully this will convince you to not waste anymore time; it’s time to lose weight forever! Check out more photos of Jason below that will motivate you even more!

Jason_WWW_success 2

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Secure your seats now at bit.ly/INFOSESSION, & let’s move forward together. See you! 🙂

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.