Wonderful Weight Loss Wednesday: Jay

This week we are celebrating Jay’s weight loss success. Jay started his journey at 138kgs; following his surgery on 5th August 2015. On 20th September when attending the post-op patient workshop, he has already lost 25.1kgs & now weighs 112.9kgs! What an awesome early weight loss!

Jay - before

Jay says that his self confidence is amazing now & he has stopped “hiding away’. He feels healthier; has less joint pain & his asthma is greatly improved. He sleeps better & has more energy!

He now fits into clothes & is enjoying shopping in regular stores. We love seeing the smile on Jay’s face & we can hear the happiness in his voice! Congratulations on a fabulous beginning to what is shaping up to be a wonderful year filled with positive results! Best wishes by Felicity & team WLSA. 🙂 *

Below is a photo of Jay after he has achieved permanent weight loss:

Jay - after

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.