Wonderful Weight Loss Wednesday: Neil Freeman

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Neil Freeman. Here’s his story:

After attending his 4-month post operative appointment at WLSA on Monday this week, we cannot believe the change! This week’s weight loss success story is by Neil Freeman, who has lost 30kgs in just 16 weeks!

Neil Freeman Weight Loss

His diabetes medication decreased at just 2 weeks after surgery. All of his medications were cut by 90% in the first 6 weeks. Neil is feeling healthier than ever & has a new lease on life.

These are the kind of results that are so inspiring to share. Sleeve gastrectomy patients are achieving beyond imagination! Medical conditions drastically improved & quality of life changes that inspire us to help more people every day. *

Below are Neil’s before & after photos:

Neil Freeman Before Weight Loss

Neil Freeman Before & After

Neil Freeman

Message from WLSA:

Congratulations Neil! When will you see yourself on our featured weight loss story? SOON enough when you decide to LOSE WEIGHT FOREVER. Join us in our next info session & change your life too! Visit www.WLSA.com.au 🙂

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person.