Wonderful Weight Loss: Yvonne Tait

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of ‎Yvonne Tait. Here’s her story:

I have always been bigger but never realised how big I actually was until the weight started to come off. The day of my surgery in January 2017, I weighed 137.4kgs and was wearing a size 24. I had so many restrictions with things I wanted to do in my life like ride a jet ski, climb the jungle Jim with my son, bounce on the trampoline with him, I was basically missing out on my son’s childhood and slowly killing myself.

After travelling back from overseas on a very long uncomfortable flight, my decision was made before we landed back in Australia to contact WLSA again and get everything moving.

With the help of the amazing team, I can now enjoy every minute of my child’s life and have fun doing it. I also reached my target weight before the 12-month mark and jumped 15,000 ft out of a plane (which I never thought in a million years would ever be possible!) I’m 2 days away from my 12 month anniversary and have lost a total of 54kg.

I feel amazing and have a totally new lease on life! Thank you WLSA for changing my life. My family and I will be forever grateful.

Weight loss Warrior,
Yvonne Tait

From #TeamWLSA

Big congratulations Yvonne! You made a life-changing decision and showed all the courage and dedication necessary to rescript your future to match perfectly with your goals, values and what you wanted your life to look like. You’ve enriched your own life as well as those of your family and of course your son who now has an active, happy mum participating in all sorts of fun things with him. It was such a privilege for us all to be with you on your amazing journey and to see you achieve those great results. Now you know you have the courage and tenacity to achieve whatever you want in life.

Leslie Hartley, Psychologist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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