Wonderful WeightLoss: Aroha Ngatuere Whitikia

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Aroha Ngatuere Whitikia. Here’s her story:
My name is Aroha, my journey to having a life changing Gastric Sleeve procedure began on November 20 2015, the day of surgery.
WLSA-Aroha-Ngatuere-Whitikia-Before-ShotImage: Aroha, before WLSA.

Leading up to this point, I came from a family of obese people, we eat big, cook by pot fulls and finish the lot plate after plate. Being raised in a culture where food is such an important aspect, it had a huge part in my upbringing and I never realised my addiction and relationship with food emotionally, physically and mentally until now. I suffer from many medical conditions, have tried countless times to attend the gym, lose weight, eat healthy and have always put the weight back on and struggled.

One day I woke up in realising the effects of my ill health and the impact on my children. The feeling of sadness that I can’t be an active mum and run around and enjoy life, the lack of not feeling motivated or good about myself. It was a moment of truth where I knew I had to get help, and it was at that precise moment I called Weight Loss Solutions Australia.
Since surgery, there has been challenges in adjusting to my Gastric Sleeve’s restrictions: my emotions, and grieving for food. Theres been times of heartache, sadness, and healing. But through all of this comes the triumph: I’ve lost 20kg in 3 months, I am feeling healthy, confident and light on my feet. I no longer have back, neck or joint pain, I can breathe without gasping and I’m in control. Seeing the difference keeps me grounded and the realisation of how far I’ve come reminds me of the discipline I have to keep going. It’s only the beginning and I have 30kg to lose before I get to goal weight, but I’ve taken those first steps to a fitter healthier version of me.
WLSA-Aroha-Ngatuere-Whitikia-After-ShotImage: The new Aroha, with WLSA’s support.

What inspires me are my children and my dad who is working so hard in his own self directed weight loss journey. I have faith in the both of us that we’ll lose the weight and be the change we want to see for ourselves and family, and to breaking the cycle of obesity. Thanks to the specialist team at WLSA for keeping me in check and guiding me on this rewarding journey, slowly but surely I will get there 🙂 *

Aroha Ngatuere Whitikia
From WLSA:
Congratulations, Aroha! You are such a beautiful inspiration to many mums out there. Thank you for sharing your story. If you wish to know which permanent weight loss procedure is suitable for you, join us at the next free Information Session at our Varsity Lakes clinic. Hear from a panel of medical experts PLUS patients who will be there to share their experience with you. Reserve your seat here: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person