Wonderful WeightLoss: Bronnie Nielsen

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Bronnie Nielsen. Here’s her story:

Well to say that this is the easy way out for weight loss is far from the truth. There are so many ups and downs and this is before you even have the surgery.  The mind games you do with yourself before even making the decision to have surgery. Then there is the waiting game for the actual surgery date. Then there are the doubts that come fast and furious. But in all honesty, I can say that this has been the best decision I have made for myself, my partner and my children. I wanted to do it for myself firstly, but also for the people I love. I wanted to be around long enough to be a grandma and to spend a happy healthy life with the man I love. But the way I was going that wasn’t going to happen.

Alex from WLSA asked me to send photos of myself before and after. I have searched and searched for some before photos but couldn’t find any recent ones from around my biggest. That’s because I never wanted to be in a photo. I never looked in the mirror unless it was just from the chest up. Sad, I know, but the truth.

I started this Journey (corny word but needed) at a starting weight of 119.4kg. I had tried all the weight loss programs from Weight Watches to Crash fad diets and nothing seemed to work permanently for me. My weight was a definite yoyo. This was hard for me to get a grip of because in my teens through to my thirties I was always a size 8-10.

So, surgery day came and I was the second last to be operated on. It was a long day, and everything went swimmingly. I have had the best support from my Partner (which helps tremendously) and have had no huge problems, apart from some foods I just cannot eat anymore.

Back to the weight loss. Starting date 119.4kg – today’s weight 98.9kg. And it’s only been 12 weeks since the surgery. So that’s 20.5kg Loss in 12 weeks… I have never ever in my life lost that much weight and am continuing to lose. I am nearly half way to my goal weight and it’s only 12 weeks CRAZY. I am feeling fantastic and my confidence is coming back. I love food and you don’t have to give everything up, you just have to make those good decisions on what you have and how much. I know it’s going to be hard sometimes but that’s ok.

The Team at WLSA have been fantastic and couldn’t fault them. Even if I don’t need them just knowing that they are there if I do is so comforting and very important.

This has been the best decision I have made. I hope this can help others too.

Bronnie Nielsen – Weightloss Warrior


Thank you for sharing your story so far Bronnie. As many fellow mums and wives can relate, we too often put our own needs last where in fact one of the best things we can do for those we love is live our best life and let them see us living our happiest healthiest selves. Those initial fears and mind games that you mention. You have conquered. And in just over 12 weeks you are already not only shifting weight but more importantly winning the mindset game. Congratulations Bronnie, you’ve got this hon!

Amanda, Dietitian at WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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