Wonderful WeightLoss: Clancy Mangion

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Clancy Mangion. Here’s his story:

Sleeved on 5/4/16 at 160kg
Current 29/6/16 at 121 kg

I’ve always been a big boy until I found out from my wife that we were going to be parents, it made me really committed do something about my weight! I wanted to see my daughter grow up, I wanted to be a healthy and active dad, I wanted to be with her. As diets and exercises helped, they didn’t take away the endless hunger feeling. I had a friend that had this gastric sleeve done and seeing his results really made my decision easy. It really was easy. I called the guys up at WeightLoss Solutions Australia, I went in for my interview and walked out with a date to go in and get sleeved.

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To start off with, for a week after the operation, I regretted it as I was in a little bit of pain but everybody goes through that and experiences it differently. Me being a big softy, l felt it more than others. But I just kept reminding myself I was doing it for a good reason. I left hospital 3 days after surgery, went home and being a stubburn male, I was outside in the shed doing my usual thing. I got bored at home 5 days after surgery date, I then returned back to work.

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I have met great people online after having this surgery and we shared our experiences and discuss what’s happening – this has helped me a lot.

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After about 2 weeks, I started feeling normal again and never looked back! I’m all for converting fatties now, it’s a life saving changing ordeal. It’s like a switch gets flicked on and you – you just automatically make healthier choices as if your body is telling your brain what it needs and the brain automatically gives you the power to make the better choices. It’s weird and hard to explain, it really is! I would normally have no issues choosing a big burger but now, in all honesty I’d pick a salad or fruit salad without even thinking about it. It truly is amazing how it changes you.

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I can’t thank the guys enough at WeightLoss Solutions Australia (WLSA) that made this all possible. Gastric Sleeve saved my life and I’ll never look back. *

Clancy Mangion


Message from WLSA:

It’s great to see your success with your weight loss so far post ESG Clancy! It is fantastic what you have achieved in only four months and we are so excited to watch the rest of your journey!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person