Wonderful WeightLoss: Damien Webb

This week’s Wonderful WeightLoss story is Damien Webb, below is his story:

G’day everyone!

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to WLSA for giving me a second shot at life!

My journey began around September 2016 when I sent Felicity a private message on Facebook after seeing the WLSA page to which I received a prompt reply, and a phone call soon followed.


After initial consults with the professional team at Varsity Lakes, I was scheduled for surgery on the 23rd November 2016, My pre-op diet began on 1st November 2016, and the three weeks that followed was some of the hardest and nerve racking times I had spent but I was determined. Surgery day came and all went well. My gastric sleeve was done and also an Umbilical Hernia was repaired, and honestly, the real battle was just about to begin.

After letting it all heal, I settled into my routine of food and exercise, and the results came steadily – the weight was falling off but my mind still had me seeing the same picture, I was still that 155kg man that I had blown out to, it took several months and several sizes in clothes, cutting and putting more holes in my belt that had me realise that I was indeed changing, the basics of putting on underwear & socks had become so easy, I no longer have to wear slip on shoes, I could buy clothes easily and a larger variety than my previous 8XL. The compliments from people were so heart warming, I was proud of myself and for once, I felt I deserved my beautiful wife.


Today, I’m down 51kg and still losing weight 7 months on. The battle is still raging and the constant learning of what my body does and does not like, but it’s a journey I took that I knew wasn’t going to be easy but with the help from WLSA, I’m winning. Thank you for saving my life.

Damien Webb


From the WLSA Team

We are incredibly appreciative that Damien trusted all of our team to guide and support him through what is often a very frightening and daunting process. I know that the team have always been willing to help Damien through any of the early challenges whether that be on an administrative level or help from the dietitian. We are all so proud of how far Damien has come and know that this has been the best decision ever for him. We look forward to staying in touch and seeing all the wonderful new life experiences yet to follow on from weight loss. Thank you Damien and congratulations from all the team.

The WLSA Team

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