Wonderful WeightLoss: Danielle Rack


This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Danielle Rack. Here’s her story:

My journey got started after seeing the results of two extremely important friends who had had gastric surgery. I had put it off long enough and decided to take the first step with a simple Facebook message on a Sunday afternoon to Weight Loss Solutions Australia. With their help and guidance I was given the all clear for surgery and 6 weeks later it was done.

My heaviest weight recorded was 136kg (July 2011) after my third child, and as hard as I tried I couldn’t get under 127kg and then I fell pregnant with our fourth and final arrival. She was 6 months old when I had surgery.

Over the last 10 months, I have gone from strength to strength not only in my weight loss but my self-confidence, self believe and achieving goals that I never thought would be possible.

I ran over 75% of the 5.7km Gold Coast Marathon walk, joined an indoor netball team, completed Miss Muddy and I came second in a 12-week gym challenge due to my increased fitness score and muscle growth.

Yes, I have had struggles and challenges, but I’ve also had the best supportive network available at my fingertips with WLSA. I’ve been an open book with my friends, family and random strangers with my journey and I’m extremely proud of what I’ve achieved.

Last week I reached my final personal weight goal of getting under 70kgs but now it’s all about maintaining my weight while continuing to build my muscle, setting new goals and achieving them and being the best that I can be.

WeightLoss Warrior,
Danielle Rack

From the CEO of WLSA:

Danielle feels like family to the team at WLSA. She has embraced from the beginning the opportunity to connect with the team; via phone or on our patient private page or when possible in person. She faces each and every challenge with determination to succeed.

Watching her join the GCAM2017 team was fantastic. Her family all by her side to support her. Having a young family and still making time to be the best person she can be has definitely inspired Danielle to do more and improve in all pursuits of life. We love her commitment to hard work and getting results every day. Danielle, we are all so proud of you and look forward to sharing many more experiences along the way.

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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