Wonderful WeightLoss: David O’Reilly

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of David O’Reilly. Here’s his story:

My name is David O’Reilly, I am 48 years old from Mackay, North Queensland.

I came to WeightLoss Solutions Australia by chance. I will be truthful, I was hiding a secret for 34 years until it finally came out last year, after nearly hang myself.

I knew I was sick, I just didn’t seek help, because of the fear that people would find out how weak I was as a man, and how embarrassing it is telling someone I have a problem.

I have a weight problem plus depression and anxiety, which was the biggest fear to overcome – to tell people the truth and to face my own truth that I needed help.

Over the years my weight was going up and down, I think 160kg was my heaviest weight, and on operation day 18th Oct 2017, I think I was 146kg or 142kg. When I returned to WLSA 12 months later (last month), I weighed 96.4kgs.

My 12 months journey is not a world record stuff, but the benefits that have come from the surgery is unbelievable, I was off all my type 2 Diabetic meds after 3 months and I was discharged from hospital physiotherapy after 6 months. As a result of my healthy diet, the medical restriction was lifted from my driver’s license and I can now hold an urban bus license.

I am so grateful for WLSA, the team has helped me through this last 12 months. I knew I was not strong enough mentally to get through it by myself, I realise that everyone’s journey is different, I am taking the slow way that works for me. My knees and ankles were both stuffed, it has taken 12 months just too walk properly. My hope is to be running again in 2 years. I hope to run the 5km Gold Coast Marathon 2019 with #TeamWLSA and by that date I hope to be at my goal weight of 85kg and to maintain that weight. The WLSA team can help you, you just have to overcome the fear, embarrassment and doubt we all build up in our selves, and trust in the process.

I truly believe God puts people in our lives to help fight our way back, you will find inner peace and in turn a purpose for your journey, like me, life begins anew.

David O’Reilly – Weightloss Warrior

From WLSA:

Big congratulations David, it’s been such a privilege to have been part of your journey. To witness the change in you, not just physically but emotionally and psychologically has been inspiring. You have grown as a person on so many levels and I feel super proud of you. I know you will achieve those wonderful life goals you’ve set yourself and live a rich, authentic and healthy life

Leslie Hartley, Psychologist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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