Wonderful WeightLoss: Dwayne Slater


This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Dwayne Slater. Here’s his story:

I’m 46yrs old. On the 12th May 2017, I weighed in at 200.5kg, my doctor asked me to loss 15kg before he would operate on me. So on this very day, I commenced a vigorous training program which consisted of a meal replacement program.

At first I found it difficult but after chatting with the doctor, he motivated me with a deadline 26th of May. So I started getting up at 4am in the morning to go for a 4km walk, followed by another 3km walk in the evening. I didn’t go to work. I sent my trucks away on major contracts without me for the first time, and I concentrated on losing the weight.

The 25th May 2017 rolled around and the weigh in happened at my local chemist, I was 185.6kg, I had lost 14.9kg in 13days.

I arrived at the hospital on the 26th May 2017 and I was so excited. I had renamed the day as “my system reboot” – starting a new form this moment on.

The surgery went off without a hitch and I couldn’t wait to be slim.

But I knew it was going to take some hard work and help to achieve my final result.

Here I am 6 weeks later and the weight just keeps falling off. I have returned to work and loving my new life.

I was driving through Griffith and got pulled over by the RMS (RTA NSW) and they found a couple of small problems with the truck and trailer, so they asked me to rectify the issues on the side of the road. I said no problem, I got into my overalls and slid under the truck and trailers to complete the adjustments. I was so excited because its been years since I was able to get under my vehicle without ramps or lifting equipment!

To date, I have lost 40.9kg and things are looking good.

It wasn’t until a photo was taken at our nieces birthday that I realised how much I had really lost.

Well that’s it for now and as I say to my staff: Watch This Space!

– Dwayne Slater


From the WLSA Team

Dwayne came to an information night probably a year before he had his surgery. The waiting time was difficult but he remained completely determined to get to surgery. He is a big softie and we all have become part of his “cheer squad”. The support from his family all working with him to get the best results is a pleasure to watch. There is nothing nicer than to see families backing each other and getting involved in the entire process; making changes to their eating behaviour and encouraging each other to get out and walk or exercise together every day. Dwayne deserves all the health benefits that permanent weight loss will bring him. We can’t wait to share his 12 month results. Congratulations Dwayne.

Felicity and The WLSA Team

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