Wonderful WeightLoss: Emily Jackson

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Emily Jackson. Here’s her story:

So today I found out that my roommate who is a 34 year old man told my other roommate that he thinks I’m pathetic to have taken the ‘easy’ way out by getting surgery?! Raise your hand if you agree that nothing about this journey is easy! For someone who is supposed to be a mature adult, how immature of him to comment nastily on my choice to better myself. I’m proud to have had the sleeve because I know that what I was going through was not simply fixed by trying to diet. And this journey took immense dedication and strength to get through.


Here are some pictures of my journey – excuse the facial expressions and/or hair & attire, I don’t take many full body photos haha!






Some of these pictures are hard to look at for me now, as it doesn’t even feel like I ever was that overweight and food addicted person.

When I got my sleeve done, I left my past behind & because it changed me in many ways as I lost the weight, that person from before started to feel like another lifetime. So happy with my new life & my new self. Thank you WLSA!!!!

From 98kg to 57kg!
Emily Jackson.

From WLSA: Congratulations Emily, what an incredible weight loss achievement! Thank you for sharing your journey. We can’t wait to witness your new life ahead!

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