Wonderful Weightloss: Eric Zunker

This week’s wonderful weight loss story is Eric Zunker, below is his “BEFORE” image.



If your considering a procedure through WeightLoss Solutions Australia, you’ve made the hardest and biggest step in your whole journey. You’ve made a decision and initiated the process now it’s time for the experts to take over, just relax, don’t overthink everything or second guess yourself and all will be fine.

Embrace the beginning of a whole new you! I do feel your pain, when I walked through the doors at WLSA I felt the same and it felt like it was the hardest door to open. I was a pathetic 225kgs and was embarrassed by what I had become and was wondering what everyone was thinking.

But now looking back it was the best set of doors I had walked though in all my life. I would almost kick the doors in now and scream giddy up. Trust me, all sorts of nerves run through your body, I was thinking i need to gorge out on all my fav foods because I’m never going to eat again so not true, for the following months after surgery I though I don’t want to eat again for the rest of my life but it was a good feeling and wonder why I had this insane obsession with food. And when you start eating again you can only stomach small amounts of your fav foods but feel like you’ve had a 3 course meal! Winning it’s the Best part of it :-))

The day of surgery i had tears in my eyes (From Dust) ha ha it’s because I was so ready to make the step, I remember walking into theatre and the surgeon and nurses asking if I was alright and fussing over me. All I  remember saying is, I’m fine no one is holding a gun to my head, I want this. And then I told them I only have to lay here and go to sleep it’s your big day not mine, so I started asking everyone in the room if they all had a good night sleep and were feeling on top of there game ha ha.

Do not ever feel ashamed of yourself mate, it takes a massively strong person to recognise there weaknesses and actually do something about it! Congratulations on being honest and confronting your demands head on. The hardest part is over, there’s no handbook for emotions, but the team at WLSA have handbooks for everything else . Well done on the biggest and best step you will take in your life.

No need to say best of luck, so enjoy the new you! Thank you to the team at Weight Loss Solutions for giving me my life back and making my dreams come true, I’ve always wanted to go skydiving but have been to heavy. But now I’m super excited after my extraordinary 105kg weight loss and have booked in to do my Solo skydiving license mid this year!

Eric Zunker


From the CEO of WLSA:

Thanks for sharing your story, Eric! What a big change you have had, above is the “AFTER” photo post his Gastric Sleeve procedure at WLSA, it shows a very happy & healthy looking Eric Zunker indeed – wow!

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