Wonderful WeightLoss: Gay Forbes

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Gay Forbes. Here’s her story.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support I have received from my post. Never in my wildest dreams I thought that I would ever get back to the person from years gone past never mind receive the support from so many strangers that at points have brought me to tears.  One comment was that I was an inspiration, WOW that was what I said and saw in so many others before me.



Many years ago my children and I survived the horror of domestic violence and unfortunately when my weight started to balloon out of control my mindset went back to those moments of “worthlessness and shame”, like many years ago there was a significant trigger of “you are better, you deserve more, you can do this!”.  For me that second moment was when I visited WLSA, and then finally and nervously told my family that I was going to have my sleeve.  Like the day years ago when I told my family of the domestic violence we were suffering I received amazing support, that didn’t falter when I told them how I was going to change my life once again.


You see I didn’t just do this for me, I did it for my family!  My devoted children, my adorable Grandbabies, and my most beautiful Mum & Dad, so that I could be here to enjoy all that family means to me.  So if I have inspired anyone, its due to the love of family.

Whilst I believe its important that you make this decision for yourself, don’t ever forget the impact that your health has on those that love you the most!

I have been a bit quiet in this group and I got so caught up with work that I got to busy to celebrate my sleeversary a month ago. So now am 13mths PO and had my first work function on Friday, most of the industry that I work with was there and to say that I was a little nervous is probably a huge understatement. I have to say whilst I hoped a very small minority may notice the change (nobody has ever noticed me before) I never expected the overwhelming compliments and positive comments to swarm me as they did. I was quite happy to be honest and admit to my sleeve, each and everyone was so excited and happy for me, I may have even got a couple of wolf whistles and yes I loved it….. I have never EVER felt more proud of this achievement. So if anyone reading this is having any doubts about whether or not that this is life changing, trust me it surely is. So to celebrate my sleeversary albeit a month late here is before and after pics… ps 40+kg down and now lighter than my pre-baby weight 29 yrs after my first born.

My finally quote “Deep within your soul is a door that opens into a world of wonder.  Open the door and let the magic in”

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and thank you for the support from each of you and your team and the terrific support group.  My heart is overflowing with love!

Gay Forbes


From WLSA:

Congratulations Gay, what a great effort and achievement so far! Thank you for sharing your journey.

Call us now on 0755980500 to see how you can join Gay on the losers bench in 2017!

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