Wonderful WeightLoss: Keith Sparrow and Larissa Kerr

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Keith Sparrow and Larissa Kerr. Here’s their story:

This photo changed our lives. A close friend took this picture and uploaded it to social media which just mortified us. This was light bulb moment for both of us to do something about our health. We had to make a change in our lives and not keep talking about it, but just do it.

Hi I’m Larissa and this is my husband Keith. We met in the U.K. I am from Australia with all of my family living in Canada, and Keith is from the UK and has adult children and his family still living in the U.K. We both lost our parents quite young and didn’t want to go the same way. We love to travel enjoying our family and friends all over the world, which as a larger person was just getting harder each time. Fitting in a airline seat and doing up a seatbelt was always a challenge.


We have both struggled all of our lives with our weight. We have gone up and down yo yo dieting over a decade combined. Our life revolved around food. Always planning the next meal.

We had just come back a year travelling from a trip to China. Which was a real eye opener for a larger person. Me in particular as I was so big. I was stared at, taken photos of and laughed at by the locals and the visitors. Keith was trying to protect me but it was just awful. It really made me realise I had to make a change.

We were in Canada for this picture. I could never do up a jacket always hard in a cold climate.

I made an appointment at WLSA when I was told about them by a lovely makeup artist. I had my makeup done for a formal wedding on a weekend break here on the Gold Coast. We were still living in NSW at the time. She had a gastric sleeve and recommended WLSA. She looked amazing. I had a lapband for 7 years and looked into having it removed. I had some success with it initially but needed more restriction. I moved to the Gold Coast had my band removed by WLSA surgeon and had three months to recover in between surgeries. Then I had the gastric sleeve. Best thing I could ever do this surgery is life changing.

Sharing my story was a dream with others at a WLSA information night. Was such an achievement for me. So excited.

I am 2 years post op and some pictures from my recent travels. I have a soft spot for Asia I now fit in now, and never get harassed anymore such a good feeling. I had some clothing made at a tailor for the first time in my life.

I’m two years post op and have lost 78kgs I still want to lose more as I am only 158cm. We have been training with Korey a wonderful trainer for over a year who was recommended to us from WLSA also. He is fabulous I would highly recommend him. We have recently moved to the other side of the Gold Coast so I have joined a women’s gym and train 3 times a week including weekends, classes and have so much energy now.

This is Keith enjoying his travels.

Now Keith decided to join me and had a gastric sleeve in May this year. We are now supporting each other everyday.

This is during our journey

People not recognising you is the best feeling in the world.

This is Keith now. We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. He was catching a train in Sydney which he loves now. Keith always preferred to drive everywhere when I met him, now we race each other up the stairs to catch the train.

Keith is 35 kgs lighter and looks amazing. I am so proud of him

Thank you so much to the amazing team at WLSA .This surgery for both of us has been life changing.

We are so grateful for your unbelievable support and help to us. You are our second family now. You hold a special place in our hearts always, we thank you and look forward to seeing you again soon. This is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. We only wish we did it sooner.

WeightLoss Warriors,
Keith Sparrow and Larissa Kerr

From the WLSA Accredited Practising Dietitian:

I don’t need to say much as the pictures tell it all. Keith and Larissa have done fabulously well at achieving all they have achieved in the past few years and the lifestyle they can now live is nothing short of amazing. They are both very connected within our WLSA family and I love receiving Larissa’s recipes in our competitions we run throughout the year. She has applied herself in every way possible to make her dreams come true.

What a true inspiration they are. I wish them all the best in their adventures together in the future.

Brianna Fear-Keen
Accredited Practising Dietitian

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