Wonderful WeightLoss: Liz Pete Phillips


15th Feb 2016:

This week’s wonderful weight loss story is Liz Pete Phillips! Above is her “BEFORE” image.


Here’s what she says:
“I’m very pleased with my weight loss so far 30kg down since the 2nd of September, I had the sleeve done by Dr Adib.

It’s been a life changing event for me as a massive positive. I’m now off antidepressants and on a lower dose of thyroxine for my thyroid. I highly recommend this procedure, my only wish was to get it done years ago. Thank you WeightLoss Solutions Australia!

UPDATE 15th Feb 2017:

Hello everyone thought I would share my progress pics with you all. To date I’ve lost 40 kg. I’ve set new goals and looking forward to achieving them.




Having the sleeve was the best decision of my life.

Much love, Liz.” *

From the CEO of WLSA:

Thanks for sharing your story, Liz! What a big change you have had, below is the “AFTER” photo post her Gastric Sleeve procedure at WLSA, it shows a very happy & healthy looking Liz Pete Phillips indeed – wow!

Call us now on 0755980500 to see how you can join Liz on the losers bench!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person