Wonderful WeightLoss: Maree Martinsons

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Maree Martinsons. Here’s her story:

Key points:

    • Always struggled with weight issues all my life.
    • Would lose but regain the weight, the “yo-yo”
    • Due to caring for my ill husband & mother-in-law, my doctor advised very seriously that I had to reduce weight or I would be no use to my family whom I care for.

I had put on 10kg in a very short time frame. My gastric sleeve surgery was on 20th Nov 2017 and now after losing 18kg, I feel amazing and can achieve so much. I have more confidence and although caring for my husband while juggling work etc are not any easier, but I manage to do it all so much better without having to drag those extra weights around. I still have a few more kgs to lose towards my weight goal but I’m getting there slowly. For the amount of weight I needed to lose, I opted for the Endoscopy Gastric Surgery, it was a fantastic choice and will never regret a single moment of my decision.

All staff at WLSA are amazingly helpful and so understanding.

Maree Martinsons – Weightloss Warrior


Congratulations Maree; it has been a pleasure to watch your journey unfold so far. We love seeing your smiling face in our office when you come to visit. You can see the difference in your face & neck so clearly and we here at WLSA are all so proud of you. We can’t wait to continue to watch your journey unfold!

Alex Thomson, Medical Receptionist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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