Wonderful WeightLoss: Michael Crouch


This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Michael Crouch. Here’s his story:


For many years I have battled weight issues, well more so I battled other issues that caused me to eat and drink too much. Using work or using being to busy as an excuse for the way I was I thought it was my right to indulge the way I did. I smoked more than 50 cigarettes a day and would drink at least 3 bottles of Bourban a week but that was ok cause I drank it with Diet Coke lol.


I had 2 heart scares where I cried for my family as I realised how selfish I was, the gluttony and greed of self indulgent behaviour had nearly cost my wife of her husband and my two sons of their Father, a man who did everything for his family and every one else almost took his own life through pure stupidity, the greatest gift you can give your family the best present you can possibly imagine giving them is YOU.



The journey of Gastric sleeve surgery was the tool I needed to change my life, it’s not cheating it’s friggin hard before and after, but you have an end goal you have a “Real” chance of life. I saw a post on this page of a guy who had it done and it gave me the idea that i might enquire.

I worked with Felicity over the phone and via Facebook for weeks and after several failed attempts for me to keep my appointment I finally made it and the rest is history along with many things previous in my life.

I now do not smoke 50 cigarettes a day to zero and have not for 6 months, I know do not drink any Alcohol and haven’t for 6 months, I have lost just on 40kg in 5 months going from 145kg to 105kg, I have changed my wardrobe twice and a goal to walk into a surf shop and buy a shirt of the shelf for the first time in 15 years was reached.

I wore a 6xl to cover my stomach I now wear a xl. I was size 44 in shorts I am now 36. I now have the chance of life but not only life quality of life. If this story sounds familiar don’t Kidd yourself into thinking that I am not telling the truth or I am paid to say this, I am real my story is real and my life is now real.

Please look into this surgery it not only provides you with the chance to loose weight it gives you the love of life to change many other things in your life to make it better.

WeightLoss Warrior,
Michael Crouch

A message from WLSA team:

We are so proud of Michael’s progress. He is a fantastic example of how this surgery has the ability to impact your life in ways you don’t imagine. Not only has he had significant weight loss, he has ceased smoking and alcohol consumption. I must admit I knew he had a challenge ahead of him, the determination he has shown has lead him to achieve success. Michael’s journey is only just beginning. imagine what the future looks like for him!

Angie Pettit
Registered Nurse

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