WeightLoss: Nancy Abolins

[Updated Story: 20th July 2017]

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Nancy Abolins. Here’s her story:

Nancy Abolins – Weightloss Warrior update

It’s been been an incredible life changing journey since I was sleeved 2 days before Christmas in 2015. Comparing my life to then and now seems like I’m looking back at someone I no longer recognise. There is not one part of my life that has not been transformed and all for the better. I can confidently say that feel after 36 years on this Earth I’m finally discovering who I am and what I’m made of and I’m really starting to like that chick!

One of the most precious changes and transformations is not the fact that I have lost over 40kg’s, no longer a walking time bomb, no longer diabetic, no longer suffering the debilitating pain of fibromyalgia, no longer hypertensive – the thing I hold most dear out of the change in my life is the transformation within my family!

We are living life as a team. Everywhere I go they go. If they are not joining in they are cheering me on. We started gingerly with Friday Fit Family Fun Nights. My young daughters were so excited to have their mum living life with them rather than spectate. My husband rediscovered the young woman he first fell in love with. We were loving our more active lifestyle and doing it all together and having a lot of fun while at it.


Then 12 months ago I made a key and brave decision… I wanted to run. From that moment I have never looked back. I started not barely able to jog 200m, then less than a month later competing my first ever 5k race/event, then another and another and another. I was hooked and loving it. My body was doing things I had never asked of it to do and it was doing it well! My girls and hubby started tagging along to Saturday park runs and soon developed their own love for running. I then did my first 10k event in Dec 16 at the GC beach run. I was so unwell the night before and was nearly considering pulling out but a determination was in me that if I just showed up my body would get me there one step at a time. I actually PB’d!!

After that race I knew the next goal was to complete a half marathon. I set my sights on the Gold Coast Marathon July 17.

The journey got a bit rough and I had to deal with some emotional junk that came up. The old Nancy started saying hello again, anxiety and depression were knocking at my door and teasing me. It was then I knew I had to dig deep and push through. I started looking for a trainer that specialised in HIIT training. I found a group training studio and they offered us a family membership after we all tried it out and totally loved it. My young daughters can often show up the adults in some of our training sessions and I could not be more proud. Jake set his sights on the GC 10k and my girls wanted to do the Kids 4K. Saturday the 1st July 2017 my hubby and girls smashed it competing in their respective events. The grin on their faces after they had done so well spoke a 1000 words. It was our 17th wedding anniversary and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate it. Next day I was up for the GC half marathon 21.1k’s, a distance I had not yet run but I was ready to go. I ran so well and strong for 18k’s and I’m blown away by it. I was ready to put the hammer down and bring it home strong BUT then my legs said not today haha! My legs started to spasm and cramp, so that last few kilometres became a mind over body choice and I chose to just finish this damn thing. I made it hobble, pain and all in under my max time I had wanted to come in at. I’m blown away at the strength and perseverance that has been cultivated in my life.

I’ve now started a Facebook group called Run With Me. I want to see a community of people encouraging and cheering each other on to our individual goals. To inspire one another with our own unique journeys. I once thought i’d NEVER be able to walk 5k let alone run 21.1k, but I had a couple of key people in my life that cheered me on and helped me believe I could do it. That is the kind of space I would like to create and foster. Healthy fit families that are strong and unified. Nothing better than that!

Tonight as I write this I’m walking out my last steps quoter for the day on the treadmill after having done a family HIIT session throwing around car tyres – life could not be more different or sweeter.

I’m different, my family is different my life has completely transformed and it’s only going to get better!

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This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Nancy Abolins. Here’s her story:

Today’s milestone – 40kg loss since seeing my GP pre-surgery.
Just in time for my birthday tomorrow(28th October) ?
To celebrate my bday I’ve asked friends and family to join me for Park Run on Saturday morning… Haha, how life has changed. Usually, it would just be an excuse to eat, now I’m getting all my loved ones out of bed early on a Saturday morning for a run.

My next challenge I’ve set myself – 8.5k trail run at Mt Tambourine followed the next day with a 5k summit run with the family in November.
I feel strong! I feel free!


Nancy Abolins


From WLSA:

Congratulations Nancy, what a great effort and achievement so far! Thank you for sharing your journey. The best is yet to come, keep it up!

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