Wonderful WeightLoss: Natasha Heess


This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Natasha Hess. Here’s her story:

Today (24th October) was my 6 month follow up and I am feeling great about my journey so far and eager for my journey ahead!.. I came to WLSA with disc degeneration disease, in constant pain and at times not able to get out of bed due to the pain. I was in a downward spiral, not able to move from pain, weight gain from lack of movement, more pain due to weight gain and so on and so forth… I have now lost 35kgs and have lost 50% of the weight I need to lose. I’m halfway to my goal!!! Thank you to the people at WLSA for all your support

Natasha Heess


From WLSA:

Congratulations Natasha, what a great effort and achievement so far! Thank you for sharing your journey. The best is yet to come, keep it up!

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