Wonderful WeightLoss: Nicole & Matt

Today we celebrate the success of a beautiful couple, Nicole & Matt. Here’s their story:

Just thought we’d touch base and say how beyond happy we both are with Dr Adib and WLSA. If there are any regrets, it’s that we didn’t do this earlier.

Nearly 8 months post on for me, 45 kg down, nearly 6 months for Matt and 63kg down! We got engaged on New Year’s morning, so we are planning our newer healthier lives together. We can’t thank you all enough!
Nicole & Matt. *

WLSA-WWW-Nicole-Before-and-after-shotsNicole & Matt

From WLSA:

Thank you Nicole & Matt, you both are such an amazing couple and we know your story will inspire many others who are still struggling to find a permanent solution & a way to get a new lease on life. Congrats on your engagement, and please keep us updated with more happy & healthy photos!

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