Wonderful Weightloss: Patrick Tavener

This week’s wonderful weight loss story is Patrick Tavener, below is his “BEFORE” image.


13 years post surgery and still smiling!

There is nothing I like to see more than patients who are committed to their long-term health results following any bariatric procedure.

This morning we had the pleasure of seeing Pat Tavener in the clinic for a band adjustment. He had his surgery in 2004 (gastric band as this is all we could offer at that stage) and so now coming up to 13 years post procedure is still visiting us when needed.  He looks fitter and healthier than ever thanks to a sustainable weight loss outcome and working with his device and our team to maintain results forever. Patrick has lost close to 30kgs since his surgery. The difference for him now at 68 years of age is for a healthy and happy future that may have been seriously compromised had he not chosen weight loss surgery.


One of the most important goals for our WLSA patients is maximising team support to achieve long-term results. Our doors are always open for our patients and watching the journey over time is inspiring and motivates us every day.

Wishing Pat and his family many years of on-going good health and happiness and thank you for being a part of the WLSA family.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person

Patrick Tavener

Message from WLSA:

It’s great to see your success with your weight loss so far post ESG Patrick! It is fantastic what you have achieved in only four months and we are so excited to watch the rest of your journey!